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For this assignment, you will write and publish a wiki-style article about a digital artist/technology of your choice on Wikiversity.[1] You should begin by finding an article stub that needs to be developed or identifying a potential artist whose work is not featured currently. Remember that you are writing for the Wikiversity community and your article will be judged and graded on Wikipedia publishing standards.[2]

Instructions edit

1. Create a user Profile here:
User Guidelines can be found here: Wikiversity:Introduction

2. Choose a Topic
You may choose any topic related to digital art and technology from any time period. Try to find a topic that's important to you and not already featured on wikipedia. In case you have difficulties finding a topic, please feel free to consult with your instructor.

Please note that each student must choose a unique topic.

Once you have selected a digital artist, post your artist’s name along with your name under the Fall 2019 header. Please check that no one else has elected to work on the same artists. Example:

* ~~~~[[Digital Media Concepts/YOUR PAGE TITLE]]

for example

* ~~~~[[Digital Media Concepts/Wafaa Bilal]]


3. OR Create your page using the following:

This template can help get you started: Template

Links edit

A wikilink (or internal link) links a page to another page within English Wikipedia. In wikitext, links are enclosed in double square brackets like this:


is seen as abc

External links use absolute URLs to link directly to any web page. External links are enclosed in single square brackets (rather than double brackets as with internal links), with the optional link text separated from the URL by a space

[ link text]

will be rendered as: link text

When no link text is specified, external links appear numbered:


becomes: [1]

Links with no square brackets display in their entirety

displays as

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4. Research your topic
Look for at least three kinds of sources:

  1. Articles, any published material, interviews, videos and information you can use for your own contributions to the site
  2. Internet sources that can be linked to your page including multimedia content (please make sure that images and other visual materials not restricted by copyright)

5. Add or edit headings such as:

  • Early Life and Education or Biography
  • Career
  • Legacy
  • Personal Life
  • Exhibitions
  • Awards and Nominations (if relevant)
  • Bibliography or Further Reading
  • History
  • Software or Hardware
  • References
  • External Links

For a detailed editing reference, go to: Wikiversity Editing Reference

6. Need Images? You can find images that are licensed under the Creative Comments license here Wikimedia Commons

Include [[Category:Digital Media Concepts]] at the bottom of the page to move the page into the assignment category.

Citations edit

APA style [3]

Chicago Style: [4]

Example of an annotated image edit

Great Wall of China in 2014

Example of an infobox edit

Artist Wafaa Bilal
Wafaa Bilal reading at Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice, Georgetown University
NationalityIraqi American
BornJune 10, 1966
Field of ResearchVideo, Electronic Arts, New Media
Birth PlaceNajaf, Iraq
Test Infobox
Above text
Subheader above image
Second subheader
Caption displayed below Example-serious.jpg
Header defined alone
Data defined alone
All three defined (header, label, data, all with same number)
Label and data defined (label)Label and data defined (data)
Below text

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Navigation Template on Wikipedia

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