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History edit

(1988) [1]The Company "Sony" announced they will be entering the world of home gaming systems. However, it was not until 1993, that Sony released their first PlayStation device, the PS-X. Prior to that, Sony was interconnected with Nintendo (at the time, the world's biggest gaming company) and worked on releasing drives for their devices. A few years down the road, Sony was forced to cut ties with Nintendo, which is when they began to focus on releasing their own gaming device. This branch of Sony was called PlayStation. The first PlayStation never made it out of the factory, however since then, they have released 5 generations of the PlayStation. From 1994, when Sony officially released their first system, the PS1, PlayStation has rapidly grown to become one of the world-renowned leaders in the gaming-console industry. As the digital industry continues to grow, PlayStation has kept up and came a long way.

PlayStation 1 edit

(1994) Initially, the PlayStation was not completely Sony's invention. It was originally going to be an edition of the Super Nintendo while Sony and Nintendo were interlocked. This shortly before the release of the console and PlayStation decided to release it on their own. It was the first gaming system to introduce gameplay with 3-dimensional graphics. The consoles remote controller was designed with the intention to replicate the graphics of the system, as before the PlayStation, gaming controllers were all flat surfaced 2D shaped. The PlayStation was available in two sizes, and in a variety of colors. Sony ceased production of the PlayStation console in 2004, however was able to sell 104 million consoles since the release.[2] The release of this product was a great sucess for Sony, which convinced them to work on releasing another edition shortly after.

PlayStation 2 edit

(2000) The PlayStation 2 had an amazing outcome for Sony being the highest selling console in history, with over 157 million units sold[3]. It was released with both physical, and graphical enhancements. The newly designed, rectangular console provided gamers with the choice of having the console standing on its side, or flat on the floor. Additionally, it displayed much higher quality graphics than the PlayStation 1, and it was the first console that Sony released which supported online gaming. The PlayStation 2 became an iconic release for Sony as a list of top-hit games were released only for this console. For example, Ratchet Deadlock, Matrix, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


PlayStation Portable edit

(2004) The "PSP" (PlayStation Portable), was Designed by Sony as a Portable edition of the PlayStation. it was built rectangular and slim in shape and was light enough to be carried without the hands getting tired. This version of the PlayStation displayed a much more advanced level of technology compared to the previous versions through the addition of various digital effects and features, such as the PlayStation main home page. almost every part of the main page was customizable by the user of the device, including but not limited to, the background and its colors, the icons, and also the layout. The format of the PlayStation Portable was astonishing for the time it was released. It also contained a unique sound as the user shifted around the main screen which also contributed to the high level of digital improvements. Sony did a marvelous job at creating a highly digital system for a stronger attraction to users. The PlayStation Portable was such a success for Sony that they were convinced to create another similar type of portable console shortly after the PlayStation 3. This device was called the "PlayStation Vita" and was released in 2011.[4]


PlayStation 3 edit

(2006) This console was a large step up in gaming industry. Not only was there a major enhancement in graphics and memory, but Sony introduced a whole new digital world which was known as "PSN" (PlayStation Network) that virtually connected all players around the world to add each other as friends, chat and play together, as well as save and share content.[5] The PlayStation 3 was also included the feature of Blu-ray disc reading. Along-side the impressive internal improvements, the PlayStation 3 remote controller was the first time Sony introduced wireless remotes which was a very convenient and adored add on to this gaming system. Sony stated


PlayStation 4 edit

(2013) The PlayStation 4 was another unique release by Sony. The graphics and menu options are evolving each generation. The smallest additions are making the biggest differences in the digital world. the PlayStation 4's main eye catcher is the remote controller[6]. the newly designed controller consists of many key features. Some of these features include, a bottom to cut a clip of the last 15 minutes, a built in speaker, a new Bluetooth headset design, a wide light indicated at the front of the controller, and the most unique feature, is the touchpad provided on each controller. it is like one is using a gaming controller, and mouse at the same time. Sony also added small key features in the system itself such as being able to put the system in "rest mode" and still be charging the controller, downloading items, or even complete updates, all on a lower energy consumption rate. All of these futuristic attractions helped Sony to sell about 110 million units, beating many other consoles and earning a spot in the top 10 most sold consoles in the world[7].


PlayStation 5 edit

(2020) the PlayStation 5 is known to have no limits, which is believable, when there’s an external storage unit connected. This console has a variety of features such as a universal search engine, the game hub, where there are challenges, accolades, and other game recommendations. Another key feature is the cross-play function in the PlayStation 5 that makes it possible to cross play and connect with the PlayStation 4. The Consoles new design has just been getting better and better as time goes on.

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