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Overview edit

Wonderlab is a spin-off webcomic based on the ProjectMoon series, Lobotomy Corporation. It is illustrated and written by MIMI, an artist based in Korea. Wonderlab narrates a story of the O-5681 branch, one of the many branches that are apart of the Lobotomy Corporation. It was serialized on ProjectMoon's official Posttype profile, a site for publishing various media such as comics and manhwas. There are 55 episodes that were published between February 14, 2020 to April 9, 2021. Wonderlab is no longer accessible as per request by the author's notice on August 18, 2023.[1]

AuthorMIMI and ProjectMoon
PublicationFebruary 14, 2020 - April 9, 2021

Story edit

The webcomic series introduces a new perspective of the events that take place during Lobotomy Corporation by telling a story about a sub-branch, where their problems are similar but unique.[2] A group of colleagues in the Disciplinary department are faced with the dangers of managing abnormalities while introducing new lore to the ProjectMoon universe as a whole. Abnormalities, which are known to be the manifestations of the human mind, are put into containment units where they are researched for energy production. Wonderlab introduces the concept of aberrations, which are variants of abnormalities that tend to be unique but weaker than the original.[3]

Chapters (episodes) edit

Episode Title
0 (Prologue) Prologue
1 Dingle-dangle
2 My Sweet Home I
3 My Sweet Home II
4 White Lake I
5 White Lake II
6 Variations
7 Red Queen
8 Tangle I
9 Tangle II
10 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat I
11 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat II
12 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat III
13 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat IV
14 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat V
15 The Road Home and Scaredy Cat VI
16 Hookah Caterpillar I
17 Hookah Caterpillar II
18 Hookah Caterpillar III
19 Hookah Caterpillar IV
20 Hookah Caterpillar V
21 Hookah Caterpillar VI
22 Bottle of Tears
23 The Servant of Wrath I
24 The Servant of Wrath II
25 The Servant of Wrath III
26 The Servant of Wrath IV
27 The Servant of Wrath V
28 The Servant of Wrath VI
29 The Servant of Wrath VII
30 Titania and Nobody Is I
31 Titania and Nobody Is II
32 Titania and Nobody Is III
33 Titania and Nobody Is IV
34 Titania and Nobody Is V
35 The Drowned Sisters
36 Blue Smocked Shepard and Reddened Buddy I
37 Blue Smocked Shepard and Reddened Buddy II
38 Blue Smocked Shepard and Reddened Buddy III
39 Blue Smocked Shepard and Reddened Buddy IV
40 Piscine Mermaid I
41 Piscine Mermaid II
42 Piscine Mermaid III
43 Staining Rose I
44 Staining Rose II
45 Staining Rose III
46 Staining Rose IV
47 Gone with a Simple Smile
48 A Party Everlasting I
49 A Party Everlasting II
50 A Party Everlasting III
51 A Party Everlasting IV
52 A Party Everlasting V
53 A Party Everlasting VI
54 Flower (Epilogue)

Approach to the world of ProjectMoon edit

MIMI had the liberty of designing her characters when covering newly introduced lore to the series that was requested by the company ProjectMoon. All of the characters that participate in Wonderlab have ambiguous genders and are speculated to be minors, which is part of MIMI's approach to making a spin-off story.[4] MIMI posted information regarding the process and development behind Wonderlab through Evernote, a program dedicated for notes.[5]

Legacy edit

Wonderlab received mixed support from fans of the ProjectMoon series. As it garnered new fans due to MIMI's distinctive approach to writing a spin-off for Lobotomy Corporation, the webcomic received scrutiny for similar reason. The webcomic is recognized for its approachability as a comic compared to a companion media known as Distortion Detective, which uses a format of a webnovel to tell its story in the ProjectMoon universe. Several characters such as the Servant of Wrath and Scaredy Cat are seen in a later game known as Library of Ruina. ProjectMoon created a live service game known as Limbus Company in February 26, 2023, which followed up several elements that Wonderlab initially introduced such as aberrations.

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