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Overview edit

Zoom Headquarters in San Jose, California

The American Communications technology company of today’s era known as Zoom Video Communications has become one of the leading video conference software apps. Their mission is to provide Video Communications to empower individuals to accomplish more.[1] The video company’s main headquarters is located in San Jose, California. The company provides several features such as simplified video conferencing and messaging throughout any device. They also include rooms and workspaces, a phone system and video webinar, as well as an app marketplace.[2]

The Making edit

The current CEO of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan, previously worked at Cisco as their Corporate Vice President of Engineering. He then founded his start-up company during the year of 2011. Once he did over 40 engineers from his previous company supported him with his start-up. His company then eventually took form in 2012 and Zoom was launched as a video conferencing app. With launching his start-up, Yuan faced a rigorous competition in the market with companies such as Skype, Google, and Cisco, his previous company he worked for. Despite the fact, Zoom maintained their reputation as well as gained over 40 million participants that used the Zoom app. With the Zoom app, there are free features available, however business clients can pay more for other features that are offered. In the year of 2018, Zoom had over 1,700 employees and the company's revenue doubled to more than $330 million.[3]

The Year of 2020 edit

With the global pandemic of Corona-virus (Covid-19) in the year 2020, the company became the most in demand app. Zoom’s share price increased to roughly $150 from being originally around $60. With it, Yuan’s wealth also increased from being $3 billion to close to $7 billion in wealth. With the company offering their free video-conferencing product in order to stream video calls on any device, millions around the world use it to their advantage especially during the pandemic. With online learning, as well as social-distancing Zoom allows ease and convenience in terms of its features during the unprecedented times.[4]

Backstory of the Creator edit

Yuan first envisioned his company Zoom during his Freshman year of college in  China. Yuan would take a ten-hour train ride to visit his girlfriend which then caused him to think of alternative ways that he could somehow visit her without the hassle of traveling.[5] Yuan then decided to travel to the U.S. during the mid 90’s due to the invention of the internet. He had some issues trying to get his visa, however he was able to arrive at the Silicon Valley in the year 1997. After arriving, he worked for the company known as WebEx. That’s when Cisco overran WebEx and Yuan became the Corporate Vice President of Engineering at the company.[6]

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