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Thomas Jeffery Hanks (born on July 9, 1956) is an American Actor and former sitcom actor. Thomas Hanks is the much-beloved star of such Hollywood hits as 'Splash,' 'Big,' 'Forrest Gump,' 'Apollo 13,' 'Toy Story' and many more.

Tom Hanks, 2004
American Actor
BornJuly 9, 1956 (age 61)
Birth PlaceConcord, CA
Net Worth$390 million (May 2014)

Early Life edit

Thomas Jeffery Hanks was born in Concord, California. Tom Hanks has one older brother and one younger sister. His family moved around northern California frequently and finally settling in Oakland, California.

Education edit

In 1970, Thomas Hanks attended Skyline High school and graduated in 1974. After graduating from high school, Tom Hanks enrolled a local community college in Hayward, Chabot College, where he pursued a major in Theater arts. After completing junior college, Tom Hanks transferred to California State University Sacramento to further his education.

Early Career (1977 - 1980) edit

In 1977, 21-year old Tom Hanks was offered an internship from the director of play at the Midwest Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Tom Hanks accepted the offer and dropped out of college. Although Tom Hanks never gotten a college a degree from California State University of Sacramento, he told USA TODAY, "I got an offer to go off and do the thing i was studying to do." Thereon, his acting career started. By 1980, Tom hanks moved to New York City.

Mid Career (1980 - 1984) edit

During his time in New York City, Tom Hanks auditioned many roles many roles. Eventually, He landed a small part in the 1980 Slasher film, "He Knows You're Not Alone." In the mid 1980s, Thomas Hanks landed one of the most prominent roles on ABC Television, "Bosom Buddies." Which lasted roughly two seasons. Then Tom Hanks landed a prominent role with the romantic comedy, "Splash." Splash was a huge box office success, with a gross profit over $69 million dollars.

Personal Life edit

In 1977, Tom Hanks and actress Samantha Lewis has gotten married. In 1978, Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewis had their first born son, Colin Hanks. In 1982, their daughter, Elizabeth Hanks was born. In 1987, Tom and Samantha divorced. Later in 1988, Tom Hanks married his second wife, Rita Wilson, giving birth to two sons. The oldest son, Chester, and younger son, Truman Theodore born in 1995.

In 1988, After marrying his wife Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks joined the Greek Orthodox Church and found his religious and spiritually ground there. Tom Hanks has mentioned that being part of the church community helped him meditate tough questions about life. Tom Hanks state "the people in church and the atmosphere doesn't bother him."

On October, 2013, Tom Hanks announced that he has type-2 diabetes in the Today's Show. Of course, this announcement startled everyone.

Awards and Nominations edit

Between 1988 and 2000, He was nominated for the Most Academy awards and won twice.

Academy Awards edit

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref
1988 Big Best Actor Template:Nom [1]
1993 Philadelphia Template:Won
1994 Forrest Gump Template:Won
1998 Saving Private Ryan Template:Nom
2000 Cast Away Template:Nom

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