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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online, multiplayer, tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft and was published on December 1st, 2015 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gameplay edit

Each player gets placed on a team and plays 5v5 with one team are the attackers and the other team are the defenders. The defenders are responsible for defending a bomb, hostage, or area, and the attackers are responsible for breaking into the building containing the defenders and stopping them. In this game, the defenders are the terrorists and the attackers are the Counter-Terrorism Units (CTU).[1]

Ranked and Casual Play edit

There are many different modes in Rainbow Six: Siege, but the two main ones are ranked and causal. In ranked play, each team gets to ban 2 operators, one on the defending team and one on the attacking team. [2] Each team will play 3 rounds before switching from attacker to defender and vise-versa, until one team has won 4 matches and have won by 2. [3] In ranked play, for each match the attackers have only three minutes to attack whereas in casual play, the attackers have four minutes to attack. IN casual play, the team who wins 3 matches first is the winner of the game. In casual play, the site for the defenders is determined randomly, whereas in ranked play, the defenders get to choose which site to defend. Also, in casual you can play all three objectives, hostage, secure area, and bomb, whereas you can only play bomb in ranked. [4]

Attacking edit

As an attacker, you only have access to the CTU operators. The goal of the attackers is to either kill all 5 of the defending team or to complete the objective. There are three types of objectives which are called hostage, secure area, and bomb. [5] In the hostage objective, the attackers must capture and escort the hostage to the safe zone. In the secure area situation, the attackers must secure a room inside the objective building which contains a bio-hazard container for 10 seconds without any defenders contesting the objective. In the bomb objective, the attackers must place a defuser on the bomb site and defend the defuser for 45 seconds for it to activate. At the start of the match, each player on the attacking team uses their drone to find the objective and identify the defenders inside the building. After the preparation phase, the attackers have to infiltrate the building in order to stop the defenders or complete the objective.

Defending edit

As a defender, you only have access to the terrorist operators. The defenders must defend their objective until the timer runs out each match or until all of the enemy team is killed. During the preparation phase, the defenders reinforce walls, place barbed wire, and place other types of defenses around the objective building [6]

Operators edit

Operators are what the characters you play are called. There are currently 54 operators with more coming out every season. There are 27 attackers and 27 defenders and one operator named "Recruit" who is available to both sides. Each operator has their own different guns and gadgets that they can use. [7] Each operator belongs to a certain division. These divisions are SWAT (USA), SPETSNAZ (Russia), GSG9 (Germany), GIGN (France), SAS (United Kingdom), JTF2 (Canada), Navy Seal (USA), BOPE (Brazil), SAT (Japan), GEO (Spain), SDU (China), GROM (Poland), 707th SMB (Korea), The Unit (USA), GIS (Italy), GIGR (Morocco), SASR (Australia), Secret Service (USA), Jaeger Corps (Denmark), FES (Mexico), APCA (Peru), Nighthaven (India), REU (Netherlands).


Name of Operator Army Division Special Gadget
Glaz SPETSNAZ HDS Flipsight
Fuze SPETSNAZ APM-6 cluster charge
IQ GSG9 Wrist mounted scanner
Blitz GSG9 Ballistic Shield and 3 rows of 8 flash-bang grenades used to blind enemies
Montagne GIGN Extendable Shield
Thermite SWAT Exothermic Charge
Ash SWAT Breaching Rounds
Thatcher SAS EMP Grenade
Sledge SAS Tactical Breaching Hammer
Buck JTF2 Skeleton Key
Blackbeard Navy Seal Rifle Shield
Capitão BOPE Tactical Crossbow
Hibana SAT X-Kairos
Ying SDU Candela
Zofia GROM KS79 Lifeline
Dokkaebi 707th SMB Logic Bomb
Finka SPETSNAZ Adrenal Surge
Maverick The Unit Breaching Torch
Nomad GIGR Airjab Launcher
Gridlock SASR Trax Stingers
Nokk Jaeger Corps Hel Presence Reduction
Amaru APCA Garra Hook
Kali Nighthaven LV Explosive Lance
Iana REU Gemini Replicator


Name of Operator Army Division Special Gadget
Kapkan SPETSNAZ Entry Denial Device
Tachanka SPETSNAZ Mounted LMG
Bandit GSG9 Shock Wire
Jäger GSG9 Active Defense System
Rook GIGN Armor Pack
Doc GIGN Stim Pistol
Pulse SWAT Heartbeat Sensor
Castle SWAT Armor Panel
Smoke SAS Remote Gas Grenade
Mute SAS Signal Disruptor
Frost JTF2 Welcome Mat
Valkyrie Navy Seal Black Eye
Caveira BOPE Silent Step
Echo SAT Yokai
Mira GEO Black Mirror
Lesion SDU Gu Mine
Ela GROM Grzmot mine
Vigil 707th SBU ERC-7
Alibi GIS Prisma
Maestro GIS Evil Eye
Clash MPS CCE Shield
Kaid GIGR RTILA Electroclaw
Mozzie SASR Pest Launcher
Warden Secret Service Glance Smart Glasses
Goyo FES Volcan Shield
Wamai Nighthaven Mag-Net System
Oryx Unaffiliated Remah Dash

Maps edit

There are 20 different maps in Rainbow Six Siege which all replicate a place in the world.[8]] Some maps are not available in ranked play, some are always available, and some maps are rotated in and out every season.

  1. Clubhouse
    German Biker bar located in Hanover, Germany
  2. Bank
    American bank located in Los Angeles, California
  3. Chalet
    Snowy Chalet located in the French alps
  4. Oregon
    located in Oregon, USA
  5. Consulate
    French consulate building located in the Ivory Coast
  6. Kafe Dostoyevsky
    big, upscale café located in Moscow, Russia
  7. Hereford Base
    redeveloped air base located in Hereford, United Kingdom which is used as a training ground for the SAS
  8. Kanal
    takes place near a dock in the industrial area of Hamburg, Germany
  9. House
    Suburban 3 story house located in Los Angeles, California
  10. Presidential Plane
    Takes place inside a non-moving plane in London, United Kingdom
  11. Yacht
    takes place on a frozen and abandoned yacht int eh Baffin Bay
  12. Border
    border control building located in the middle east
  13. Favela
    takes place in the Brazilian slums
  14. Skyscrapper
    takes place at the top of a Japanese skyscraper which belonged to a criminal
  15. Coastline
    Takes place at a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain
  16. Theme Park
    abandoned theme park in Hong Kong
  17. Tower
    Takes place in South Korea in which you can only infiltrate from the rooftop
  18. Villa
    villa that belongs to a Italian mafia family located in Tuscany, Italy
  19. Fortress
    Morrocan mansion military installment and also Kaid’s home
  20. Outback
    Takes place in Australia’s Red Heart and contains a motel, restaurant, and gas station

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