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Apple AirTag
Developer Apple
Release Date April 30, 2021
Cost $29, $99

Technology edit

Apple Inc. as of late sent off another kind of technology called Apple AirTag, AirTag helps in checking and finding things that influence our lives, for example, keys, pets, or any significant things. The apple AirTag utilizes the Find My Network application which is preinstalled in Apple gadgets and for Android clients Tracker Detect application made by Apple to help the people who do not have iPhone. Whether joined to a purse, keys, rucksack, or various things, AirTag exploits the enormous, overall Find My app can help with observing something lost, all while keeping regional data covered up and obscure with  End-to-End encryption. Apple AirTag is a lightweight gadget, coin-sized, and is IP67 water and residue-resistant. Apple AirTag plays sounds while finding things like Apple AirPods and utilizes CR2032 battery, practical and effectively accessible. AirTag is equipped with a U1 chip that uses Ultra-Wideband Technology, an innovation that helps in catching directional information. AirTag helps in Precision Findings, diminishing possibilities of Apple AirTag being lost.[1]

How it works? edit

Apple AirTag is not so complicated, the technology behind is a little complex but is understandable to the public. When Apple AirTag is connected, it sends a Bluetooth signal to the Find My network application and the location directly  passes to iCloud, ⁣ from where users can view the location of their devices on Find My Network in a map.  AirTag also helps in locating car keys or human beings. Suppose you  lost your car keys, the owner can easily locate the item by just going to the Find My application and following  the direction given by it. Simple, AirTag Technology saves our money from buying new car keys.[2]

Setting up edit

Initial step edit

  • You need an Apple device  with IOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or the latest version
  • You have to have Two-factor authentication turned on, which stops other parties from hacking your device together with Find My Device  turned on, helps in locating the item
  • Turn on Bluetooth to connect the device
  • For this connection, you require a high Internet connection, either Wi-Fi or a cellular network
  • After doing the above, now turn on the Location service and give full access to Find my Device, without this AirTag can not locate items

Last step edit

  • Bring AirTag closer to an Apple Device and on the Apple Device, Tap Connect as you do while connecting Apple AirPods
  • Now you can list items to name your AirTag like Keys, pet-Rocky, or My Bag and tap continue
  • Register AirTag with Apple ID and tap continue
  • Now AirTag is connected and don’t forget to test[3]
  • Done!

Advantages/Disadvantages edit

Advantages edit

  • The Owner can only see  the device location, in reverse AirTag does not store location data, helps in presently hacker to find the owner’s home location or anywhere the owner visits
  • AirTag starts playing sound automatically if it is far from the owner for a long time
  • Find my app gives notification if any AirTag is moving with you, alerting  you to be safe
  • Apple AirTag is registered with Apple ID, in times of worries law enforcement can use it to detect the location
  • Helps in monitoring  your significant things like vehicles, keys, children, or any item  for which you give more value to
  • There is no monthly subscription required as other tags require, which saves money for the battery[4]

Disadvantages edit

  • It can not be used directly with Android Devices unless the user downloads the Tracker Detect application  and also limits benefits  which are in the Find my Application
  • It helps  thieves, if the user loses any item and plays the sound, it alerts the thief, making them aware that an AirTag is following them
  • Apple AirTag does not have any reverse feature which helps in finding an iPhone instead of an item, Tile has this feature making it better than AirTag
  • Android users won't get an alert if any AirTag is attached to them unless users check, which helps stalkers track them easily
  • Apple AirTag only supports iPhone above iPhone 11[5]

Controversies edit

With the Advancement of innovation, new ways were found to upset the existence of the mass populace. AirTag has brought numerous security worries about individuals. AirTag is being utilized in following costly vehicles or individuals are being followed by unknown people. This worry is making individuals stressed over their friends and family and the things they esteem the most. In Detroit, Michigan, a man said he found a AirTag attached to his new Dodge Charger. He acknowledges vehicle hoodlums assigned his ride to take and scrap the parts. In Canada, ⁣ police have moreover detailed events where AirTags were used to follow and track down luxury vehicles to take.[6]

How to protect? edit

Apple AirTag gives notifications to the user of unknown AirTag moving with them if they are IOS users, users can check the time and distance it has traveled. Apple AirTag provides a serial number of the devices, which helps law enforcement to track down the original owner and file a complaint. Apple officially stated that anytime a user feels being tracked by AirTag, immediately contact local law enforcement and address the issue, instead of directly going to a police station, call officers at the location.[7]Android users can download the Tracker Detector application, and it alerts the user if any AirTag is moving with them. The application permits Android clients to check for obscure trackers, yet it should be utilized proactively and assuming the tracker has been with somebody for longer than ten minutes, that individual ought to have the option to play a sound on the gadget to track down it. Assuming they get a caution on their telephone that they're potentially being trailed by one of these AirTags, to quickly call 911, particularly assuming they believe that they are at serious risk.[8]In keeping personal property protected, people should check hidden stops like pockets, bags, wheels wells, and also behind the license plates.

Environmental Concerns edit

At the point when any technology comes it likewise brings numerous ecological worries, the primary worry is decreasing carbon impression which helps in diminishing harmful corrosive downpour, forestall air contamination, and environmental change.[9] Apple has chosen to go carbon-nonpartisan and via planned by 2030, Apple will have net-zero environment sway by Apple.[10] Apple is making an honest effort to limit carbon for their material to battle with environmental change.[11]

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