Digital Media Concepts/Higher Learning Podacast

Introduction edit

Higher learning is a podcast with host's Van Lathan[1] and Rachel Lindsay[2] , prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Van Latham and Rachel Lindsey have been voices that speak out against injustices in the black communities as well as injustices in their field of work. Together they tackle and discuss the social and political issues as well as news politics and sports. These topics are addressed in a refreshing way, where the duo debate, laugh and talk over these issues.

History edit

The Podcast Began May 28th, 2020, Van Lathan And Rachel Lindsey kick off their first podcast with the topic of George Floyd [3], the significance of his passing, and how it shaped America at that moment. Van Lathan, who worked for TMZ. Van Lanthan notably criticized Kaynes , support of Donald Trump. Many people being moved by it, may have inspired him to speak out against other injustices and social issues. Rachel Lindsey, from the bachelorette, has spoken up about how she felt discriminated against by the show , and also speaks up and out when it comes to addressing injustices. It's fitting that these two would start a podcast together because both of their voices have influenced many .

Areas in social, political, sports and entertainment are discussed, they also include special guest's on their show which is on YouTube, Spotify [4], and the Ringer[5]. These guest on their show include Felicia "snoop" Pearson[6], Kate Sosin, Dj Akademics and many more.

Format edit

In each episode Lindsey and Lathan discuss and go over current events and social issues as sharing topics of the viewers , Overall the podcast format covers these sections.

  1. Political issues/ current events
  2. Pop culture
  3. Social issues
  4. Mailback, response to viewers letters

Awards and Nominations (if relevant) edit

In 2021 Van Latham won Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action) ,Movie Two Distance Strangers[7]

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