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Toyota Prius
Prius on display (3285111075)
Third Generation Prius
ProductionDecember 1997- Present
ClassSubcompact (1997-2003) Compact (2003- present)

History edit

The Toyota Prius is the first gas and electric hybrid car to be mass produced in the world by Toyota The Prius was first introduced in Japan on 1997. In United States it was presented in 2001. The Prius made a sensational market sales in Japan and the United States. For over 20 years the Prius is still being sold today. The Prius originally came in a subcompact design but over the years Toyota has made 4 prius models in different body styles: Prius V, Prius C,Prius Plug in Hybrid,Prius Prime. Since the making of the car other car manufactures are looking up to the Prius because its the best hybrid being sold.

Fuel Economy edit

Since the making of the Prius it's considered one of the best fuel efficient cars in the world. The Prius is a reliable car that makes about 50 miles per gallon. The first generation Prius can give an outstanding 42 mpg. [1] has rated the Prius as the most fuel efficient car. The Prius is changing in design but the fuel economy is excellent. The latest Prius are becoming more advanced with technology and bigger design but the Prius can give an astonishing mpg for city and highway combined.

Vehicle Model Year City MPG Highway MPG
1st Gen Prius 2001-2003 42 mpg 41 mpg
2nd Gen Prius 2004-2009 48 mpg 45 mpg
3rd Gen Prius 2010-2013 51mpg 48 mpg
Prius V 2012-2016 44 mpg 40 mpg
Prius C 2012-2016 53 mpg 46 mpg
Plug In Hybrid 2012-2015 50 mpg 50 mpg
Prius Prime 2016-2018 55 mpg 53 mpg
Main Battery

Battery edit

Second Generation Prius 1/28 modules

The Prius has two batteries. The main battery is in a pack that contains many cells. The main battery gives the car the main electricity to run. The second battery is the auxiliary battery that provides the car with the accessories in the car such as speedometer, radio, Air condition, info screen, power to the doors, etc. Batteries in the Prius are charged by generating power from the gasoline engine. The power comes from coasting and braking the car. The battery is long lasting even when its high mileage the main battery and auxiliary battery will last for very long time. Even if you need a replacement batteries salvage junk yards will have the batteries for a fraction of the cost compared to what the dealers pays for.

Types edit

The Toyota Prius has many types of styles that would suit your style. Toyota offers the Prius in hatchback, MPV, and sedan body types[2]. Depending on your preference the Prius has enough room and the right options to help you in your everyday needs. Toyota offers 4 trim models for the Prius. The trims of the cars range from basic to premium. The basic Prius comes with standard technology and basic car trim when you upgrade to the premium package you get navigation,Jbl sound System,All wheel Drive. Toyota offer you customized trims for a reasonable cost. Prius is being offered in many sizes the smallest Prius is the prius c which is perfect for commuting from work. Toyota invented the Prius depending on type of occasion. The Prius v is the biggest Prius being offered its meant to give larger cargo room.

1st Generation Prius

Second Generation

Latest Prius (Plug in Hybrid)
3rd Generation Prius and Prius V

Benefits edit

Prius info screen

Toyota has incorporated many benefits to the Prius. Number one advantage of the Prius is its Eco friendly it helps you save a ton of money rather than spending it all on gas. When there is a rise in the gas money then you won't have to worry because the Prius has you covered. The technology in the car is easy to navigate around, there is an multi function display telling your consumption. A crucial benefit is the safety features that the Prius has it helps keep track of the detection and the surroundings. Since Prius is a hybrid vehicle it eligible to be on the HOV lanes even if its one person in the car. But if you get tired and want to move on from the Prius then you will still be satisfied because the resale value of a Prius is sensational. One of the best features is that the Prius work from gasoline and electric power this helps you by knowing that you wouldn't be stranded in the middle of no where if you have full electric car because they require the battery to be charged at certain places.

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References edit

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