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Dragon Ball Z Fighterz is the popular game that all Dragon Ball Fans have been waiting for a long time, with the game coming out fans can relive the classic moments like the incredible fight with Frieza, Cell, and even more. Dragon Ball Fighterz now provides a new battle mode which is 1 on 1 similar to the famous battle mode that Mortal Combat provides. Dragon Ball Fighterz is the reatelling the live of Goku and how him and his friends battle against the great enemies from the past. The big danger that is facing them is that a new enemy by name of Android 16 that is going back in time and changing the events from the past by adding evil clones of different characters into the important fights, so Goku and company must stop her at once to save the timeline.


Campaign: The campaign for Dragon Ball consist of the same story that has been for years with any kind of Dragon Ball game. Which is to go through the timeline of Goku's life and relieve all the moments that made Dragon Ball Z a classic show. Which are battle Frieza, Cell, and Manji buu. But with Dragon Ball Z Fighterz there has been a change and that is a new enemy by name of Android 16, now Goku has to go back in time and stop all the evil clones that Android 16 has been leaving behind so they can intervene with past fights that Goku has had. Now Goku and the Z fighters must stop Android 16 and defeat her clones.


There is also a multiplayer option where it involves online fighting with different players the point of the online matches is that you choose 3 different players and as you are fighting you have the option to switch if your player is low on health. The point of the game is to use your different combos and try to use all the players, so you can defeat your opponent and try to get all the Dragon Ball's, so you can summon shenron. As you summon Shenron it lets you grant 1 wish during the match that wish can be bring back a player, unlimited health or have max power. Also Fighterz provides the option to battle with friends to show case the amazing skill's of every different character there is in the game.


Fighterz provides a lobby mode on which you can communicate with other players also gives you the ability to collect coins and with those coins you can buy different kind of avatars for your profile. Also the lobby provides a mode were you can train and helps you out on mastering special skill's for your battles. Each time you succeed on doing the challenge you get coins as an award and can buy items of the shop or you can save up for your avatar. Shifting to the tournament option also provides the same battle options as the multiplayer, but the difference of this game mode is that instead of playing online the opponent for this is a machine, with tournament the game provides 3 different characters each time you face and beat a new team you move up the scale. The focus of the mode to defeat all different teams the system has given you and defeat them to face the final match of the tournament and successfully win the tournament.


  • Goku (Main Character)
  • Vegeta (Main Character)
  • Android 16 (Main Character, Enemy)
  • Gohan, Teen Gohan (Son of Goku)
  • Piccolo (Friend of Goku)
  • Trunks (Son of Vegeta)
  • Frieza (Enemy of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Captain Ginyu (Servant of Frieza)
  • Cell (Enemy of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Manji Buu (Friend Of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Kid Buu (Enemy of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Goku Black w/ Zamasu (Enemy of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Beerus w/Whis (Friends of Goku and Vegeta)
  • Android 17 w/ Android 18 (Friends of Goku And Vegeta)


Dragon Ball FighterZ is developed by Arc System Works And Bandai Namco, this will be the 23rd Dragon Ball game released to the public.With the new featured of having 3 different characters in the same team and having the option to switch of as the fight goes on. And finally, the big change that FighterZ has done is the introduction of 2D which the similar use of Mortal Combat which makes the game more of head to head game. Dragon Ball Fighterz was realeased on January 26, 2018 the game is made compativle for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and other compatible systems.


The controversy that FighterZ is dealing with is the lack of characters that they have introduced in the game. In a recent blog a blogger had put out that FighterZ was not going to introduce specific characters that the public wanted to see. Also another issue they are having was the disconnection of the wifi which had ruined some of the matches players had because during the match the game would disconnect. But with an update that FighterZ is going to release that issue is to be solved and new DLC maps releasing the character issue should be resolved as well.


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