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Sam Does Arts, is a digital artist from Toronto. He currently has 1M subscribers on YouTube, where he uploads a variety of digital art related content.[1] He makes videos about equipment, roasting artworks, challenges, advice, tutorials, and speed paints. He currently has 113 videos uploaded on his channel. Each of his videos have thousands of views and he also has a Patreon and Instagram account. On Patreon, he currently has 3,760 patrons. On Instagram, he currently has 2 million followers with 514 posts.[2]

His Journey edit

According to his Patreon page, he wrote a message containing some facts about himself. Sam is a 29 year old man from Toronto, who has a passion for art, specifically in the digital painting area. He states that his passion for art used to only be a hobby but he dropped it after his years in high school. It wasn't until the early start of the year 2020, that he decided to pick up his hobby again and he realized that it was true passion. He was inspired by many great artists and developed his own style through those inspirations. He started his YouTube career on June 20th 2020 and his first Instagram post was on March 1st 2018.

His Art style edit

His art style has changed over time to what it is now today. This can be seen through his earlier posts on Instagram. Here are some examples of his evolution from his first post to his most recent post.

Art style Timeline
Post Title Date published
Portrait study of some little nobody from a galaxy really far March 1 2018
Repainted one of my first ever posts on this account! January 19 2020
3 hour portrait study! May 23 2020
Colour study, 3hr 30min. June 12 2020
Can't get enough of golden hour clouds LOL November 15 2020
A vibe (2h) January 30 2021
Flash (1h 30m) June 5 2021
Train station September 27 2021
Okay last one i promise October 10 2021

His videos (sorted by category) edit

Video Date Published
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Portrait Study Speed-Paint Process Jul 7, 2020
Landscape Digital Painting Time-lapse Aug 7, 2020
Can you paint without UNDO? Nov 10, 2020
Can you paint with ONLY a Basic Round Brush? Nov 17, 2020
DRAWING MY FAN'S OC! Dec 8, 2020
Video Date Published
Digital Painting Process Explained Jul 14, 2020
How I Paint Mood and Atmosphere Jul 21, 2020
How to Draw Perspective for Beginners Jul 28, 2020
Turning @AmandaRachLee into a Cartoon Character! Oct 13, 2020
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How to become Art God - Guweiz Aug 10, 2021
You want to be an INSTAGRAM ARTIST? Aug 24, 2021
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