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Chinese Name范 冰 冰
BornSeptember 16, 1982
Birth PlaceChina
EducationShanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Xie Jin Film and Television Art College

Early Life edit

Born edit

Fan Bingbing was born in 1981 in Qingdao, Shandong, China.[1]

Parents edit

Her mother was a dancer. Her father was a art singer. After changing to the local, He still engaged in literary and artistic work. He was once a famous pop singer in Yantai[2].

Before famous edit

Fan Bingbing influenced by their parents since childhood. She has a strong interest in music. When she was in high school, She played a Character of a teleplay "tour guide Miss", and then with Liu Xuehua[3] joined "strong woman". She joined the company of Qiong Yao[4] who is one of the famous writer and film producer in China. At the age of fifteen, she joined "My Fair Princess" and sequel.

Career edit

  • 1996, Fan Bingbing admitted to Xie Jin Film & Television Art College Of Shanghai Normal University[5] . In the school, Liu Xuehua recommended Fan Bingbing to Qiong Yao, so "My Fair Princess" in a more charming and charming golden lock. Known as the "My Fair Princess" unprecedented success, so that Fan Bingbing Longdeng domestic first-line star position, Fan Bingbing was the Hong Kong media named the most box office appeal of the mainland female star, and then take a look at her filming a number of film and television drama, Said the Chinese entertainment industry model workers, really unusual actor difficult to match.
  • 1998, Fan Bingbing as involved in the performance of TV drama "My Fair Princess" in the golden lock corner and was well known.
  • 2004, Fan Bingbing with Feng Xiaogang[6] works "mobile phone", won the twenty-seventh session of the public movie Hundred Flowers Award for best actress award.
  • 2006, the film "Apple" as Fan Bingbing won several international film festival nominations, so the film took the "Berlin International Film Festival" red carpet, the Chinese classical beauty get attention, stunning Berlin, its international reputation and influence increasingly Promotion, by virtue of this film, Fan Bingbing eventually won the "Eurasian Film Festival", popular.
  • 2007, Fan Bingbing won the 44th Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress with thriller "Ghost in the Heart". In the same year, she set up a Fan Bingbing studio, the first production of the work is the TV series "rouge snow", and later "Jin Daban."
  • 2010, Fan Bingbing debut "Cannes International Film Festival", because of its Cannes Film Festival during the 8 sets of costume appearance, with robes stunning abroad, access to foreign media recognition, was named when the "Cannes film Section "best dress actress, become the focus.
    • In October Fan Bingbing won the Best Actress Award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival by virtue of his art film "Kannon Mountain", becoming the international A-level film festival.
  • 2011, She once again with "Guanyinshan" won the 18th Beijing University Student Film Festival awards.
    • October 22, the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival opening, Fan Bingbing is no longer as an actor to attend, but the judges of the Film Festival jury.
  • 2012, Horror work "second exposure" so that she won the Huading Award Ninth Chinese Film Satisfaction Survey[7] released the best actress award in China.
    • May 3, "Forbes" magazine announced the 2012 Forbes Chinese celebrities list, Fan Bingbing ranked first in the list of female celebrities, but also mainland celebrities ranked first. The same year, Louis Vuitton (LouisVuitton) officially invited Fan Bingbing ambassador to become a Chinese brand, and LV Alma series handbags first Asian spokesperson.
  • 2013,"Forbes" magazine announced the 2013 Forbes list of Chinese celebrities. Fan Bingbing ranked first in the 2013 Forbes Chinese celebrity list.
    • "Forbes" magazine announced the 2013 Forbes list of Chinese celebrities, Fan Bingbing to successful advertising endorsements and high exposure for the 2013 Forbes Chinese celebrity[8] list first.
    • In August the same year, Fan Bingbing and Li Zhiting comedy romantic comedy "Night Surprise" release, they also sang the same name theme song, Fan Bingbing is the song lyrics.
    • US authoritative film review site "TC Candler" announced the selection of the world's top 100 beauty ranking, Fan Bingbing won the first 86.
  • 2014, To successful advertising endorsements and high exposure for Forbes Chinese celebrity list. In the same year in the United States action film "X-Men: the future of the past", and cooperation with Huang Xiaoming Zhang Zhiliang directed 3D magic martial arts film "white-haired witch of the moon", played demon witch practicing color.
    • Fan Bingbing appearance Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer clothing advertising, and the French actor Catherine Deneuve, American director Sofia Coppola, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, French supermodel Caroline deMaigret, British supermodel Edie Campbell filming ads, Fan Bingbing has become The brand in the world's first hard-wide Asian actress.
    • In December 2013, Fan Bingbing starring "Wu Mei Niang legend" shooting, the finale to break 5% of the ratings hit a new high in recent years, TV ratings,
    • November 21, 2014, Fan Bingbing has confirmed that she is the BMW Group ambassador.
    • The third time in 2015 forbes Chinese celebrity list.
  • 2015, Fan Bingbing in the "Forbes" announced the 2015 list of the world's highest paid actress, the annual income of 21 million US dollars (about 130 million yuan), ranked fourth, is the only Asian actress into the list
  • 2016, Feng Xiaogang directed "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the 64th San Sebastian International Film Festival Best Actress Silver Shell Award[9], and short-listed the 53rd Golden Horse Award for best actress.

Selected works edit

Year Name Role
1998 My Fair Princess Jin Suo
2004 Mobile phone A journalist
2007 Ghost in the Heart Supporting actor
2011 Guanyinshan Leading actor
2012 Second exposure Leading actor
2013 Night Surprise Leading actor
2014 X-Men Supporting actor
2016 I am not Pan Jinlian Leading actor

Praived life edit

Fan Bingbing was born in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, grew up in Yantai City. His father was a naval aviation art troupe singer, is also a popular Yantai popular singer. Fan Bingbing is currently the mother of film and television arts training school principals. Fan Bingbing was influenced by his parents because of childhood, so the music has a strong interest. She has a younger brother, Fancheng Cheng, who was born in 2000 and studied at a private noble school in Changping, Beijing. May 29, 2015, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen[10] in the micro-blog on the open two romance, this is her debut 18 years since the first public affair. June 19,2015, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing has been licensed to get married, and has open cohabitation.

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