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PewDiePie at PAX 2015
Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) is a Swedish Gaming youtuber
Born24 October 1989
Known forYoutube Personality
Birth PlaceGothenburg, Sweden
Channel namePewdiepie

Early life and education edit

Felix Kjellberg was born on 24th October 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a child he was always interested in art and would usually draw some animations from Mario. He developed a habit of playing games with his friends from the internet cafe and would skip school because he never liked to attend it. He was more than happy to sell hot dogs and make video games than studying. He never really liked his studies and thought it was quite boring. Along with making YouTube videos he used to Photoshop a lot using Adobe to edit pictures and things like that.

Youtube Channel edit

Pewdiepie started his channel around 2010 and since then he had over 3400+ videos. He currently holds the award for the most subscribed channel on Youtube with more than 60 million subscribers and 17+ billion views. Felix started his Channel by making gaming videos and funny content but has now changed to more of Vlogs and less of gaming. He does have a few videos which are the most watched like, A funny montage with over 80 million views and other funny montages on his.

Career edit

Felix Kjellberg is best known by his Youtube name, "Pewdiepie." It is a combination of "Pew" a gunshot sound from most of the games and "Die" cause he would kill others and "Pie" because his favorite food is a pie. He started making content on Youtube because he liked to show others what he did and he enjoyed doing it but never took it as a career. He started making gaming content about Call of Duty which was the most popular game back in 2010, but he didnt get famous that way. He started grabbing attention from the viewers once he started to play a horror game called Amnesia. His reactions got him more viewers. He made videos alone, he was the producer, director, editor and everything.

Felix did make a few friends like, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. He collaborated with them and made a bunch of videos which started to become an attraction for their Youtube Channels too, so Pewdiepie also helped his friends in that way, and he does game with them whenever they have some spare time. But for the last year and a half he has started making less gaming content and more of Vlogs.

Felix also moved to London in search for living there and making his videos everyday. He used to upload his videos once or twice a week, but then changed to uploading everyday.

He ended up making a few games of his own with a few companies combined, that are quite popular on the play store or App store. His games are called Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist and Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator.

He also started selling some of his merchandise from 2015 on wards and has actually worked with a couple of gaming companies to make his own customized Computer, like Origin Pc and Razer.

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Personal Life edit

Felix tries to keep his lifestyle private as possible, but at the very beginning when he begun making content on Youtube, he started dating Marzia Bisognin and they both have been living together ever since.

Series edit

Felix did make a few series called Pewdiepie scare season but unfortunately it was cancelled after Youtube called it off.

Awards edit

Pewdiepie has received so many awards from 2013 on wards for the most liked gamer, or the most subscribed to channel on Youtube. The diamond button for 10 million subscribers which was a while back, but now he has a 50 million award which no one has at the moment or is even close to him. He also has won a teen choice award in 2014 for gaming and almost 8 awards and 5 other nominations for example, Shorty awards for best gaming in 2013, and Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Gaming in 2014 and Shorty award for gamer in 2015 were some of the most famous awards and he has been nominated for peoples choice award in 2017.

Net Worth edit

Pewdiepie's Net Worth is approximately about $20 million and he has made over $50 million since 2014 from Youtube.

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