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3D Scanning with Drones edit

Cutting Edge Technology
Drone Delivering Medicine
When was the first drone officially recognized by the government?In 2006, the FAA approved it's first drone.[1]
How many drones are there today in the US?1.3 registered drones as of Feb-12-2019[2]
Are drones reliable?It is required to obtain an licence to operate and commercial drones have been tested by many trained professionals as well as piloted by them currently.
Average battery life?A consumer drone can last anywhere from 5-30 min on average, a commercial drone on average lasts about an hour[3]

Why were they created? edit

3D scanning drones were created to help people, especially technicians, who need to climb and search areas, such as tall buildings, which are inaccessible and treacherous. Drones are able to scan everything swiftly and precisely. Obtaining data which previously might have taken days or weeks. Other uses of 3D scanning drones besides construction purposes include urban planning, engineering, mining, building information modeling (BIM), to help layout and repair energy grids such as pipelines, and to simply capture aerial photos or videos.[4]

Notable Drone Services in the World [1] edit

Zipline edit

A medical drone delivery company that was created in San Francisco CA. In 2016, Zipline paired with the Rwandan government to create a medical facility for delivery.[5] Two years later they created another facility in Rwanda and in 2019 they created 4 in Ghana. These drones scan their surroundings and choose their flight pathways by using the applications of real-time kinematic satellite navigation. These methods are applied to 3-D satellite maps and manual ground surveys to get them to their destinations. The main purpose of these drones is to deliver blood transfusions and medicine.

Measure [6] edit

An innovative technical drone company which was founded in 2014. Measure rose to top 5% by revenue. Using professional pilots to train people and drone service measure wants to replace and/or help people in difficult working fields such as coal and gas, public safety, building and construction, media, and government. Already, LA police have approved these drones for assistance to keeping citizens safe. Also, an abundance of laborious hours are being saved because these drones can inspect wind turbines which were previously done on foot.

Photogrammetry [2] edit

Photogrammetry is the study of acquiring information about three dimensional objects and/or environment with various methods including recording videos, measuring the distance between points and objects, and transcribing photos and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery. This is usually done by taking multiple photos or videos and mapping them out on top of each other to create a genuine and accurate representational model.

Application in the world would include drones which fly while continuously relaying information to a computer to generate a 3D model. This may take anywhere from seconds to hours depending on the equipment in play.

Best Models in the current market of 2019 edit

DJI Mavic 2 Pro edit

Suits most people and can perform to satisfaction for most jobs. Unfortunately only 31 minutes flight time but can reach a top speed of 44 mph, contains a 3-axis gimbal for steady shots along with 8GB internal storage and an SD card support up to 128 GB. Costs upwards of 2 grand.

Autel Robotics EVO edit

Not as amazing as a top model but has a 720p live video and a half hour flight time. Speeds up 44mph with a 4.2 mile range. Also has a 4k option for photos. Priced at one grand.

Ryze Tello edit

At the lower end of the market priced at $100, this drone features a 13 minute flight time along with a 720p photo option. Although, it cannot fly far or fast. A distance of only 100 meters away.

Controversy edit

Property rights to aerial surveillance is an important factor to consider which gives landowners with the right within the law to exclude any and all aircraft, persons, and other objects that are airbound. Airbound is defined as the surface of their land to 350 feet above ground level. This reduces the risk of a security breach of any kind to a facility or an individual’s home.

Gary Golis, a national reporter, stated “CIA personnel who conduct many UAV targeting operations do not wear uniforms, they are in violation of the principle of distinction and therefore considered unlawful combatants under international law.”

Pose a threat of pervasive surveillance

Conclusion edit

Whether a drone is being used for commercial or casual purposes, they are an advancement in cutting edge technology to reach and capture information which was previously inaccessible to humans. Through means such as photogemetry or real time kinetic satellite navigation drones introduce the age of 3D model from a huge distance. While maintaining proficiency and removing the risk of casualties prior to the use of drones.

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