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Toyota Prius
Prius on display (3285111075)
Third Generation Prius
ProductionDecember 1997- Present
ClassSubcompact (1997-2003) Compact (2003- present)

History edit

The Toyota Prius is the first gas and electric hybrid car to be produced in the world by Toyota The prius was first introduced in Japan on 1997. In United States it was presented in 2001. The prius made a sensational market sales in Japan and the United States. For over 20 years the prius is still being sold today. The prius originally came in a subcompact design but over the years Toyota has made 4 prius models in different body styles: Prius V, Prius C,Prius Plug in Hybrid,Prius Prime.

Fuel Economy edit

Since the making of the Prius it's considered one of the best fuel efficient cars in the world. The prius is a reliable car that makes about 50 miles per gallon. The first generation prius can give and outstanding 42 mpg. The US Environmental Protection Agency has rated three prius cars in the top ten most fuel efficient.

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The prius has many types of generations

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