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Apple CarPlay Application

Introduction edit

Apple CarPlay is software made by Apple Inc. and is found in the latest cars which allows drivers to access their iPhone apps safely through the touchscreen on the head unit of their cars. An iPhone 5 or newer running IOS 7.1 or later is required to operate CarPlay.[1]

History edit

CarPlay was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013 with the announcement of early partners like Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, and Ferrari. Previous to this, cars typically came with a handsfree feature allowing drivers to access Siri with a push of a button. However, delays pushed the release in most cars until 2016.[2]

Software edit

Users can access apps like Maps, Messages, Apple Music, and Siri with the sound of their voice or through the head unit while their iPhone is locked. CarPlay also supports licensed third party apps like Spotify, Waze, and others.[3]

Hardware edit

Apple CarPlay is built into the head unit of cars and allows you to use buttons on the dash to control the interface while driving. Drivers can plug in their phones with a lightning cable to connect to CarPlay or wirelessly in car with built-in Wi-Fi.[4]

One of the manufacturers of head units with Apple CarPlay integrated.

Brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, JVC, and Alpine also make some of their head units with Apple CarPlay built-in so people can put modern technology in classic cars.[5]

Applications edit

Apple CarPlay running on the 2018 Toyota Aygo.

Apple CarPlay can be found in most cars made by Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, and others after 2016.[6]

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