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What is Blizzard edit

Logo of the company now sitll running to this day.

The year 2020, a new year for an area celebrating a gaming company that has been around for 29 years. 35,000 people attended and over 10 million have watched it on Twitch. Blizzard sets up everything for everyone, supporting their fans to go into life, helping others to create their life goal, and creating a world for them to create. Blizzard opens many people to new roads in life for jobs, is not problematic, and helps more to be more creative in the job.

Major Events of The Company's History[1] edit

During the years, the company has grown to a massive corp, developing games for fans, though, how did it all start? These are the major points most will have to know in order to understand the history of Blizzard Entertainment.

Year Action
1991 Founded Silicon Synapse
1992 Created Rock & Roll Racing, Lost Vikings
1994 Named Changed to Chaos Entertainment
1994 Released Warcraft: Human & Orcs changed name to Blizzard Entertainment
1996 Diablo Released, released
2001 World of Warcraft Released
2016 Overwatch Released

Games of Image edit

The first ever First Person Shooter Blizzard has released, before called Titan

Blizzard has released many games, though these have been the most famous games they have released. With this many fans and non-fans will recognize one of these games.

Year of Release Games
1992 Lost Vikings
1994 Warcraft: humans & orcs, The oldest and still popular game Blizzard has created
1996 Diablo
1998 Starcraft, most highest sales Blizzard has ever gotten
2014 Hearthstone, first Card Game Blizzard has released
2015 Overwatch, First ever FPS game Blizzard has made
2019 Overwatch 2 trailer released, date unknown of official release

The Delay Of The Company edit

Hong Kong protest, during the year of 2019

In the year of 2019, an outcome has brought major backlash to the company's name. The day Bliztchung was removed from the Hearthstone Tournament, from boycotting to even workers covering the signs of Blizzard's statues quoting, "Every voice matters."[2] How did this happen? During the time of the Hong Kong protest back in 2019, many streamers including Blitzchung has spoken his side, stating he is with the People than China themselves, during a stream where all can see. Many supported him and cheered for him, even laugh at the jokes they were speaking, although, Blizzard didn't have it. They took all his prize money away, removed his title, and banned him from the upcoming tournament, which led fans to anger and rage. Many boycotting and using a character from Overwatch, Mei-Ling Zhou, wearing a mask and her companion, Snowball saying, "Free Hong Kong." People deleting their accounts to Blizzard, posting videos of destroying merch, games, even sponsored products they get online. Seeing this, during the Blizzcon 2019 opening ceremony, the Presidents and Ceo of Blizzards have stated an apology statement in the beginning, promising that they will do better, to never go against what this company was for and states, "Every Voice Matters." All fans, accepted the apology and thrived together, to bring up Bliztchung back to the games, and to show how strong the community is, to show that even a company as big as Blizzard can be taken down by their fans.

BlizzCon edit

In Anaheim, California, many all across the world come here to see many of the activities this convention gives to their fans.

One of the most famous conventions in the world, this convention, BlizzCon has been running since 2005, where the first sneak peak of the next expansion for World of Warcraft.[3] From there, many fans come together to build relationships, even play against each other. From esports, to now world championships. People can either go in person or buy the virtual tickets.

Activities Blizzcon Offers
Actor panels
Game Dev Panels
Cosplay Contest
Sneak peeks of future games
Opening ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Dealers hall
Artist Panel

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