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Finnian MacManus is a Chicago-born, California-based concept artist working for the film and gaming industries. He is a self-taught 2D and 3D designer who uses Z-brus, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Vue to express his ideas within the sci-fi and fantasy environments. He has created industry-quality pieces for big company names from the ground up. MacManus' work have been exhibited several times as well as awarded for his work.

Finnian MacManus
NationalityAmerican, Irish
OccupationVideo game designer, Concept Artist
Years active2013–present

Finnian MacManus edit

Education edit

Francis W. Parker School (2006-2012) edit

Finnian MacManus did his school years, prior to college, at Francis W. Parker School. Francis W. Parker is an independent school located in Chicago, Illinois. MacManus attended Francis W. Parker from kindergarten to senior year of high school. According to MacManus, this school was a pretty creative school out of your ordinary schools.

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Art Center College of Design (2012-2015) edit

Finnian MacManus did 3 years at Art Center College of Design. In here, he earned his degree in "Entertainment Design". Within this college, they helped him become prepared for career opportunities as artists with companies Pixar, Sony and Disney to name a few.

Personal Life edit

MacManus' dad was originally a painter whom then went to being an architect to finally being a landscape designer. His mom, as a journalist, is very involved in the art community. He has a lot of family living in Ireland, which is where most of the artists in his family come from.

Early Life edit

At the age of 8, Finnian would draw 2D space ideas, hence him being interested in visualizing sci-fi ideas at a very young.Once he got Photoshop, he became hooked on the creation of abstract images At the time, he still tried to do sci-fi themed art but still hadn't become a full on expect to do work like that. Instead of starting in signatures, as most forum-goers do, he started with large art because he had no idea what a forum was. It took him a month and half later to meet his first real graphics forum, setting him to the road of improvement. His inspirations come from shapes and fellow artits. He can usually visualize a nice scene to go along with any type of geometric shape. The most inspiring artist to him is Steve Burg; who is a concept artist who got him interested in developing 3D sci-fi scenes.

Career edit

Finnian MacManus has had the opportunity to work with big names such as: EA Games, Sony Playstation, Industrial Light And Magic, Lucasfilm, Volta, Brownbag Films, Easley Dunne Games, and HēLō. At the moment he is currently working as a junior concept artist at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, CA.

Exhibition edit

Finnian MacManus has had his art exhibited several times in international online art collectives, in websites such as , Cosmosys, Heartsurge, The Luminarium, Intrinsic Nature, and Depth Core.

Awards edit

MacManus won Artist of the Month back in January 2015.

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