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Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding
Years Active2007-Present
FounderAaron Kyro
MembersAaron Kyro

Gabe Cruz

Doug Des Autels

Nigel Jones

Uzi Daniel

Aussie Dan

Mogely Herrera

Ricky Glaser

Nigel Jones

Chris McNugget

Troy Young

JD Sanchez

Christopher Hiett
Braille Skateboarding is a group of skate boarders who not only teach you how to skate but also entertain you with their "Skate Everything videos"

Braille Skateboarding is a group of skaters from California. They are best known for their "Skateboarding Made Simple" instructional series and "Skate Everything" [and related series] videos on youtube. The group consists of some of the best skateboarders from the Bay Area and Los Angeles and was founded in 2007 by Aaron Kyro.

Start of Braille edit

Founder Aaron Kyro started[1] in 2007 to help skaters find a better way to get their videos out there by using the internet instead of making DVD's. became one of the first places offering digital video downloading for iPods, computers and other devices connected to the internet at the time.

Braille on Youtube edit

The Launch of Braille's tutorials edit

The first Braille tutorial video hit youtube on October 17, 2010, this video taught the viewer how to push on a skateboard. Ever since that first video Braille has went on to create many different youtube series on how to skateboarding including; Skating Made Simple and Learn To Skate tutorial videos. These videos range from very basic starting out tutorials to advanced tutorials teaching viewers how to kick-flip, nolie heel-flip, and dolphin flip.

Stupid Skate and Skate Everything Videos edit

Stupid Skate launched on February 23, 2015, with a 6 and a half minute video featuring Aaron Kyro and Gabe Cruz skating on Walmart bought skateboards. These videos continue today and a new one is uploaded almost weekly. These videos became more and more popular overtime when the Braille guys started running out of ideas and started looking at the comments section of their videos for ideas of what to skate next. Thus, Skate Everything was born, a youtube series implying everything the name says, skate everything. Episode's included the crew skating doors, iPads, iPhones, glass skateboards, and the Youtube Gold Play Button awarded to anyone who reaches a million subscribers on Youtube. These videos just like Stupid Skate still continue today and a new video is uploaded every week.

Other work edit

Braille doesn't just make skating tutorial videos and Skate Everything videos they also do a mini series called "Girl Learns Her First Skateboard Tricks" where they teach and encourage girls to try and push themselves to tricks and become better skaters in general. In a predominantly male sport Braille is making an effort to promote skateboarding to everyone who is willing to try no matter who they are, what they wear, or how they look.

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