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Major Lightner (Born March 9, 1970) is a motion-pictures professional who graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 1997. He started his professional career working on the sound track for the Titanic and moving on to directing music videos for MTV. He currently manages his own company as Creative Director and Executive Producer for Major Lightner Productions.

Major Lightner
BornMarch 9 1970
Field of WorkMotion Graphic Design, Film
Years Active1997 - present

Education edit

BA, Motion Pictures from Academy of Art University (1993-1997)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Motion Pictures&Film Writer/Director/Producer from Cabrillo College (1990-1992)

Projects edit

Slogan edit

(Editor) (Television Drama, 2004) Protagonist makes decisions based on advertisements.[1]

The Girl From Monday edit

(Collaborator) (Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, 2005) Futuristic world where prostitution is used as currency.[2]

Hawthorne Heights Make a Video: Niki FM edit

(Director) (2005) Music video for alternative band. [3]

The Stairwell edit

(Director, Writer) (2007) "An absurd Orwellian study of the modern corporate caste system." [4]

Work edit

1997 - 2000, Editorial Producer, Gil Gilbert Production
2000 - 2003, Post Production Supervisor, Grey Worldwide
2003 - 2004, Director/Producer, Department of Film for MTV[5]
2005 - 2006, Director/Producer, MTV
2007 - 2008, Freelance Producer/Editor, Current TV
2004 - 2009, Director/Producer, MotivFilms
2008 - 2011, Director/Producer, Expression College for Digital Arts
2011, Freelance Director/Producer, Google
2012, Producer/Editor, Sephora
2012, Producer/Editor, Pacific Gas and Electric[6]
2013, Freelance Director/Producer, uberVU via Hootsuite[7]
2014, Organizer, Route 66: The Road Ahead, American Express[8]

Other Work edit

Wax Poetic (feat.) Norah Jones[9]
The Exit - Back to the Rebels[10]
Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night[11]
Asobi Seksu[12][13]

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