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LittleBigPlanet edit

LittleBigPlanet [1], also well known as ‘LBP’ is a puzzle platform video game, developed by Media Molecule, and published by Sony [2] for the PlayStation[3] devices. The game was first announced as a game early 2007, and released late 2008, but once it came the to gamemakers attention that some of the lyrics in one of the featured songs contained a verse from the Qur'an, it was recalled, and game makers replaced the song with its instrumental, and released it about three days later. The series consists of five games, available across four different gaming platforms. The game was announced and released in 2008, with the PlayStation 3 version, it was followed by a PlayStation Portable version of the same game, developed by SCE Studio Liverpool. LittleBigPlanet 2, the sequel, was released January 2011, followed by a PlayStation Vita game, developed by Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven, in September 2012. In early 2014, Sony announced the launch of the third game, Little Big Planet 3, which was a PlayStation 4 installment that was developed by Sumo Digital, and released November of the same year. Each of the games is published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Gameplay edit

Overview edit

The game is composed of an introduction, 23 levels[4], and 14 mini levels. These levels are established around seven themes, which are inspired from real-world locations. Players control a customizable Sackperson to navigate their way through different 2D obstacles, using different kinds of tools, such as rotating platforms, and moving items that can be ridden, or grabbed and held onto. The main purpose for each level is to reach an endpoint, by going over and dodging many deadly obstacles. Throughout the levels, players can pick up many objects, such as materials and stickers, which can later be used in the Create Mode, located on the players own Moon account. Players can play online or off, and can play multiplayer with their own teams, or connect online with they PlayStation friends, who can then join their game.

Create Mode edit

Create Mode is a mode that is unlocked after the player completes the entire first theme of LittleBigPlanet, emphasized as "Play, Create, Share", this self explanatory tagline represents the three main elements of this game, play the levels, solo, or with some teammates, create your own content, using gathered resources, and share your levels and creations online with the rest of the LittleBigPlanet community. In this mode, you can design your own levels, using tools, stickers, and other materials that are either given to the player, or if they collect them throughout the game. The player can then edit a level space, just like one of the missions, to their own liking, and add their own things, placing them where they want, also they can design, shape, and build objects to create just about any kind of level. There are many materials available in the game, so the player has many options on which type of level to create, including "Olympic Challenges" and their own versions of the missions that they once played. Once the player has created a level to their liking, they can connect to the internet, and can publish them to the Community Planet, where other players, who are also connected, can see and play them. This opens up a new community, for everyone online, they can play each others level, together or on their own, and experience different things, other than the main Story missions.

Plot edit

Sackboy[5], the main character, wants to take a little holiday adventure around the planet. In the game, the player guides him around and over the magical lands, called Story, which is a mode that consists of missions that Sackboy needs to complete in order to unlock the next one. The Collector is stealing creations that belong to the creators, and its left up to Sackboy to put a stop to him. The player guides Sackboy around, over, and through each level, jumping, flying, gliding, and more over the obstacles that are set to knock Sackboy off course. As Sackboy goes through the levels, he receives resources for the player, so that once unlocked, the player can create their own levels in Create Mode.

Story edit

 Each level is a wonderful creation of its own, designed to be based off real world places. The player goes through each level, to unlock the next, and can collect items and materials to create their own levels in their own Moon section. Throughout the Story mode, there are eight zones, The Wedding, The Islands, The Temples, The Metropolis, The Savannah, The Gardens, The Wilderness, and The Canyons. The first four include three main levels, and three side levels. The Gardens and The Wilderness have each one extra main level, while The Savannah has only two extra side levels, and The Canyon includes three extra side levels.

The Gardens edit

The Gardens is the first level, therefore is the first place the players go to during the game, its characters include The King, The Queen, Dumpty, Wooden Steeds, Birds, and Ghosts. The Garden is supposedly based in Western Europe, England, to be specific. Since this level is the home introduction one, its level incudes the basics on how to play the game, and instructions on basic controls.[6]

The Savannah edit

The Savannah is the second place the player visits in the game, its characters include the Creator, Zola, and Wobbly Ape, King Croc, Meerkat Mum, Meerkats, and Stripy Tail. It’s based off a small village in an African savannah, and begins with the player destroying one of Zola’s creations, and having to face the Wobbly Ape, who then sends the player (sackboy) to Zola himself for forgiveness. The player encounters the rest of the characters as the level goes on.[7]

The Wedding edit

The Wedding is the third level the player enters during the game, ruled by its Creator, Frida the Bride, and other characters include Don Lu, The Butler, and Don Lus dog. The Wedding takes place in a church, which centers in between graves. This level is based off the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead, in which the Creator, Frida sends the player to find Don Lu who seems to have been lost in The Darkness. At the end of this level, Frida and Don Lu go off to The Canyons for their honeymoon, inviting sackboy on the adventure as well.[8]

The Canyons edit

The Canyons, based off the deserts located in Northern Mexico, and south Texas, is the fourth area to be visited by the player in the game. Its character includes its Creator, Uncle Jalapeno, Devante, Sheriff Zapata, Luchador and Calavera. The player assists Devante in the freeing of Uncle Jalapeno from the evil Sheriff Zapata. After the whole ordeal, a tired Uncle Jalapeno decides to go vacationing in The Metropolis.[9]

The Metropolis edit

The 5th place being visited is The Metropolis, ruled over by its Creator, Mags the Mechanic, is based in North America. The characters in this level consist of Ze Dude, The Bouncers, and The Bouncers Dog.[10]

The Islands edit

The Islands is a level that was created and based off of Japan, its ruled over by its Creator, Grandmaster Sensei, and other characters the player encounters include Flame-Throwing Cat, The Evil Sumo, The Terrible Oni, and Swinging Ninjas. This specific level also includes many collectables for the player to collect and use for his own.[11]

The Temples edit

The seventh level is The Temples, based off an environment not unlike Mughal India, and ruled by The Great Magician. The characters include the Creator, The Great Magician, The Shopkeeper, and The Goddess.[12]

The Wilderness edit

Last but not least, the eighth level visited is The Wilderness. It is ruled over by its Creator, The Collector, and is based in Russia, the far east of Siberia, to be exact. Its characters include the Scientist, The Bear, The Bears Wife, The Bears Child, and The Soldier. Once this level is completed, a craft like Earth comes up, and almost all the characters Sackboy has encountered come up and congratulate him as his journey comes to an end.[13]

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