Digital Media Concepts/Streets of Rage (Axel Stone)

Character Bio
NameAxel Stone
Age22 years old (SOR) 23 years old (SOR2)
Hieght6ft, 183cm
Weight75kg, ~165lb
OccupationFormer Police Officer Dojo Instructor
Fighting StyleA mix of Boxing, Karate, street fighting and kickboxing. In Streets of Rage, Axel has an "all-around" skill set compared to the other characters. But later in Streets of Rage 3, he takes a more Slow-but-Heavy hitter play style.
PersonalityAxel is shown to be the group leader. Due to his sprite's basic beat 'em up stance.
Developer(s)Sega AM7, Ancient, Lizard Cube, Guard Crush Games

Information on Streets of Rage edit

Streets of Rage, or known in Japan as Bare Knuckle, is a Side-scrolling beat ’em up. Which was developed and published, by Sega in 1991[1]. The first in the Streets of rage series; which included Streets of rage 2 published a year later in 1992 and Streets of Rage 3 in 1994. Streets of Rage was originally published for the Sega Genesis. Then later on ported to Newer generation consoles which include; the Game Gear, Sega CD, Master System, the Wii’s virtual store, on the IOS thru the apple store. It was also made available to consoles like Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2009, thru the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection bundle pack.

Axel's Back-Story edit

Streets of Rage edit

Streets of Rage takes place in a New York- inspired city where a crime syndicate, which is headed by Mr. X, has taken over the city. And the heroes; Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding. Who are ex-cops, try to put an end to the syndicate,

“They are willing to risk anything… even their lives… on the… Streets of Rage” - Streets of Rage[2][3]

Streets of Rage 2 edit

After defeating Mr. X, with Adam and Blaze. Axel leaves the city, to start a dojo and become a bodyguard, stated in the EU and Canadian manuals. But when the news of Adam Hunter getting captured from the returned Mr. X. Axel returns to the city with Max Thunder, along with Adam's kid brother known as “Skate”, to defeat Mr. X once again and save Adam.[4]

Bare Knuckle 3 (Japan) edit

Axel rejoins the force, and with the assistance of Blaze Fielding and new comer Zan. They attempt to stop a new Syndicate, known as the Neo-chaos, from detonating the bombs that are located all across the city.

Note: The Story of Streets of Rage 3 (America/EU) changed due to publishers wanting a more lighter tone for the game, compared to Japanese version.[4]

Streets of Rage 3 (American/EU) edit

Axel goes back to his Dojo outside of the City. But is called by Blaze Fielding to assist her, Skate, and newly reformed Dr. Zan. To stop the newly resurrected syndicate.

Special Moves edit

  • Grand Upper[1]: Axel performs a very strong sliding uppercut into the enemy, sending them flying into the air. Fire animation appears around his fist, for character flare, the flames but does not burn enemies.
  • Dragon Smash[1]: Axel performs a series of rapid punches, ending the combo with an uppercut.
  • Dragon Wing[1]: Axel swings his fist in a circular motion, knocking nearby enemies to the floor.
  • Grand Hook[1]: One of Axel’s upgraded moves, its a Grand Upper into a Dragon Wing, and can be finished with a uppercut.

Appearance edit

Axel Stone's Appearance changes
Game: Description:
Streets of Rage White Muscle T-shirt, Blue Jeans, and Blue/Gold Gloves
Streets of Rage 2 Standard White T-shirt, Blue Jeans, and Red Gloves
Streets of Rage 3 Sleeve-less White T-shirt, Blue Jeans, and Red Gloves
Streets of Rage 3 (Cover Art) In the American cover art of Streets of rage 3, Axel Stone is seen to have; a Sleeve-less Yellow T-shirt, Black Jeans, and No Gloves.

(referencing Adam Hunter)

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