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Introduction edit

Alexei Fedotov "Lex Fridman" is a Russian born computer scientist that makes podcasts about machine learning and life, he is currently a researcher/teacher about A.I at MIT[1]. He has made many podcasts with people like Elon Musk[2], Joe Rogan[3] and even Jack Dorsey[4].

Early Life and Education edit

Lex Fridman was born in 15 August 1986 in Moscow, Russia. Lex Fridman earned a B.S, M.S and Ph.D. all in computer science at Drexel University [5]. Lex Fridman is 35 years old as of 2/25/2022. Lex Fridman's domain of education is machine learning , deep learning and A.I with his focus on self driving cars.

Career edit

Between 2014-2015 Lex worked at Google doing research on machine learning . Then in 2015 Lex then went back into academia where he was offered a position at MIT, he then became a professor/researcher at MIT about machine learning /deep learning more specifically autonomous cars. While working at MIT Lex decided to go into podcasts. Soon after that his podcast/YouTube exploded and he started interview many different guests that had topics on ranging from the meaning of life to MMA to the future of A.I. Lex has made quite a lot of money he has a estimated net worth of 2 million[6].

Lex Fridman teaching

YouTube/Podcast edit

Lex has a very prominent YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers and he posts videos/podcast about many different subjects but with emphasis on guests strengths. His claim to fame was in October 23 2018[7] when Joe Rogan did a podcast with him. His podcast is on a variety of sites like Spotify ,Google and Apple podcasts some of bigger guests he interviewed included David Fravor, Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk , Dan carlin, Sam Harris and Mark Zuckerberg. He has recently announced that he will soon be interviewing people of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin soon. In almost every podcast Lex has always worn his signature suit and buzz cut. He likes to talk about topics that include anything, so no matter what the viewers level of education is they would be able to understand what is going on. Lex also has a smaller YouTube channel called lex clips in where he adds small clips of his podcast, this channel has around 500 thousand subscribers[8].

Personal Life edit

Some of Lex Friedman's hobbies include playing the Playing the Guitar[9], MMA and reading. Some of Lex's favorite musicians include Johnny Cash ,Tom waits ,Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling stones[10]. He also owns a pet dog named Homer. Lex is a black belt in Brazilin jiu-jitsu[11]. He also has a great interest in exercising his body at quite vigorous intensity[12].

Family edit

Lex's father is a Plasma Physicist that used to live in Russia but then moved to America after finding the difference in life style. His father was Ukrainian and is Jewish. His brother Gregory Fridman is the CEO of AAPlasma LLC. A decent portion of Lex's family died during world war 2, his grandfather was a machine gunner and he was one of the ones that survived.

Publications edit

Topic Year/Paper
MIT Advanced Vehicle Technology Study 2019
Active Authentication on Mobile Devices 2015
Arguing Machines: Human Supervision of Black Box AI Systems 2018
Cognitive Load Estimation in the Wild 2018
DeepTraffic 2019

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