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Game History and Gameplay edit

Dota 2 is one of the biggest international esports multiplayer online game[1]. Dota 2 was developed and published by Valve. To give you content we need to backup all began with Warcraft3 which was a real time strategy game released for pc way back in 2002.It was possible to create mods(modifications) for the game which meant they could change the way the game was played or the way the games looked and one of these mods was call Defense of the Ancients or shortened to DOTA. .Dota 2 has over hundreds unique heroes and players could play five vs five matches.This game genre is called "MOBA", which stands for "massive online battle arena". During a match players get experience points and items for their hero to prepare to defeat their opponents.Players can control a certain hero, one character with a certain set of skills. A player has gotten four teammates eah with their own characters versus another team of five.Both team have an ancient which is a building of some sort that both team need to protect.The player's mission is to find a path across the map defeat the opposing team and destroy thier "Ancient".There is only one map, potentially different skins and and some different some aesthetics.The characters are especially balanced and created just for that map to keep the game competitive and fine tune.The map has three lanes that all leads to ancient and the team has to make strategies about what players go which route and in what combinations a long side the heroes. The players get gold or other rewards they will get those. The team that must destroy the other team's "Ancient" a big tower which is located right in front of their base. Dota 2 was designed by "IceFrong.The writers are "Marc Laidlaw", "Ted kosmatka" and "Kris katz". This game was released in July 2013.But the person who wants to play this Dota 2 has to make an "Steam" account. That account is linked with the game.

OG vs TNC at TI7, in Key Arena


Dota 2 has been evolving since game was released.The original Dota game had spawned an international competition scene with dota 2 that became even more.So, in total, over 65 million dollars has been distributed to winner in Dota 2 tournament the highest amount of any esport and twice amount of the league of legend has

distributed.Dota 2's the largest tournament the international dota 2 championships occur every summer in Seattle and the 2016 total pools of what needs to be distributed was a record-breaking the 20 million of dollars for this event alone.Smaller tournament happens seasonally called majors which are capped at a three million dollars pool.Dota 2 is also pushing the boundaries of what augmented and virtual reality can do the international characters were displayed in a vivid augmented reality before match.There are also ways now to spectate a match in virtual reality, traveling over the battle field and watch it from afar of diving down into the fray and watching the fight up close.There were already tons of spectators for Dota 2.But options like watching and VR may give this esport another bump.That is just a taste of the worldwide phenomenon.Dota 2 is completely free to play.

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