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Photoshop has been a popular program throughout the 21st century. It all started way back in the 1980s when a PhD student named Thomas Knoll was playing around with his Mac Plus and noticed that his computed failed to display grayscale images on his display. He found this issue to be concerning so he decided to figure out a way to fix the problem at hand. As he was figuring out his approach, his brother John Knoll suggested he create a program devoted to image editing. The prototype name was called 'Display' which was soon changed to Image pro.

As a year went by, the project was looking promising. The Image-pro had many features that set it apart from other software at the time. At this given moment the two decided to start selling the product which was then renamed to the Photoshop we know today. Though it may have sounded like a revolutionary product, the two had a hard time attracting interest from other companies. In 1988 the Knoll brothers struck a deal with Adobe which gave the rights to the wholesale to them. This was the birth of Photoshop 1.0 which was publicly released in 1990. As time went on, future updates attracted millions of users to the same program we know today as Adobe Photoshop.

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Photoshop changed the game of photo editing completely. The transformation from cutting and pasting pictures to cover parts of an image no longer is needed. Photographers were able to make changes to their images which would have otherwise been impossible without Adobe Photoshop. This technology gives amateurs and professionals easy access to software. Many images that were altered by Photoshop (from past to present) were exhibited all around the world to show a legacy of this revolutionized concept.

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 19.0 (Current) Type: Raster Graphics Editor Runs on Windows/macOS

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