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Birth NamesDerek Andersen (left) Scott Land (right)
Origin:Los Angeles
Genres:trap, house, dubstep
Years Active:2010-Current
LabelsMad Decent, Monstercat, Gud Vibrations
Associated ActsKayzo, Nghtmre
Picture Credit016 Open Beatz - Slander - by 2eight -DSC 2989

Overview edit

Slander is an electronic DJ/Producer duo from Los Angeles, California. The duo consists of two members Derek Andersen and Scott Land. They both started as ravers which inspired them to become DJ’s [1]. They came up with the name “Slander” by combining both their names: “S(cott) L(and)” and “Ander(sen)”. They specialize in creating three different sub-genres of EDM: trap, house, and dubstep. However, they call the genre of music they play “Heaven Trap” which covers the Feels and the Turn-up of Electronic Dance Music.[2]

Early Life edit

Both Derek and Scott both met at the University of California, Irvine as fraternity brothers at UC Irvine Kappa Sigma, but didn’t actually get into music until going to the music school Icon Collective along with their future label partner Tyler Marenyi, known as the DJ Nghtmre. They got their inspiration to become DJ’s by first being ravers attending the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 2009 [1]

Rise to Fame edit

They first started playing anything from hip hop to trance music back in 2010 during fraternity parties in college. It wasn’t until 2012 when they finally figured out they wanted to create “Heaven Trap” music. They first started their music career by creating a remix of the song,” We Like to Party” by the artist Showtek.[3] Their first album was released in 2015. They have created several labels throughout their career. Currently they are under the British record label: "Monstercat" and American record label: "Mad Decent". They also created a United States music label called “Gud Vibrations” with Tyler Marenyi in 2018. They based their label on supporting “good music, good friendships, and good vibes” [4]. They started to perfect their craft before releasing their first original song “Ascensions”. From there they have made collaboration songs with a multitude of other DJ's from Said the Sky, SVDDEN DEATH, Gryffin, William Black, Seven Lions, Dabin, and Spag Heddy. They also created songs with a multitude of vocalists such as: Dylan Matthew, JT Roach, Jason Ross, Calle Lehmann.

Career edit

As they first started their music, their tracks were more aggressive. Their first single, Ascension, was premiered on another DJ's album, Excision 2015 Mix Compilation. It wasn't until 2018 when they started to create melodic music with heavier bass.This helped them create their genre of “heaven trap” in electronic dance music. The songs would be emotional while later on having head-bang upbeat sound. They mostly create new tracks while creating some remixes of fan favorites such as “Love is Gone” and “Potions”. Currently they also have associated acts DJ's Nghtmre and Kayzo who come with them to perform at events.

They have performed from small events to huge festivals. Some of their past performances were at one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals such as: EDC Las Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland, TommorowWorld, Electric Zoo, EDC Orlando, Something Wicked, Sun City Music Festival, Contact Music festival, II Soniq, Moonrise, Life In Color, and Global Dance.[5] They performed at their first big festival in 2015 at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas. Since then, Derek and Scott are slowly becoming more known all over the states playing tours. Their known set piece is having two circles lights creating an "X" which created their stage: The Atom. They've had four individual tours from 2017-2020. The first was called THE ATOM which was played for 2017 and 2018[6]. During their Alchemy tour in 2019, they still used the Atom stage from the previous tour. It wasn't until The Eye Tour in 2020 when they decided to recreate their main set piece to resemble an eye the same as their logo.

As of right now, their top ten overall songs on Spotify are shown below based on all-time and recent streams:

Top 10 songs on Spotify[7]
No. Song Times Streamed
1 All You Need To Know (feat. Calle Lehmann) 121,524,128
2 Love Is Gone- Acoustic 9,978,465
3 Love Is Gone 16,246,317
4 GUD VIBRATIONS 40,838,832
5 First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew) 25,104,848
6 Back to U 4,344,756
7 Potions 14,612,208
8 FEELING GUD 6,180,873
9 Superhuman 27,759,825
10 Blood on Me 735,979

Music edit

Albums Years
Nuclear Bonds 2015
Duality 2016
The Headbangers Ball 2018
Extended Record Plays Year
Dilapidation Celebration 2017
Singles Year
Ascension (ft. NGHTMRE) 2015


After All

Drop it


We Out

One Life ft. Zach Sorgen

Without You


Welcome to the Fire

I Can’t Escape

Happy Now

Move Back

Slow Motion

So Long

Kneel Before Me

You Don’t Even Know Me

First Time

Running To You

Hate Being Alone

First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew) [Acoustic]

All You Need To Know (feat. Calle Lehmann)

Love Is Gone



Heart Break

Love is Gone (Acoustic)


Potions (Acoustic)

Back To U

Better Than Heaven

Blood On Me

Remixes Year
After All (remixes) 2016
We Out (Remixes)

Superhuman (Gammer Remix)

Superhuman (Spag Heddy Remix)

Above and Beyond (Remix)

Welcome To The Fire Remixes

I Can’t Escape Remix

All You Need To Know (feat, Calle Lehmann) [The Remixes]

GUD VIBRATIONS (Habstrakt Remix)

First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew [NGHTMRE Remix]

Love Is Gone (The Remixes)

Potions (Remixes)

Broken (Remixes)

Heart Break (Remixes)


Tours edit

  • THE ATOM (2017, 2018)
  • The Alchemy Tour (2019)
  • The Eye (2020-postponed due to COVID-19)

Sources edit

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Additional Information edit

  1. Dylan Matthew:
  2. Calle Lehmann