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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is a First-Person Shooter video game that was developed by the American video game developer Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game was officially revealed on May 30,2019 and saw an official release on October 25,2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4,and PC. The game is a reboot of the Modern Warfare series but does not take place on the same timeline as the previous Modern Warfare titles before it. The campaign puts players in nerve-racking situations from modern war. It shows players a realistic and mature picture of modern day war with mental fear, complex villain's , and real life gore[1].The game has a multiplayer mode that supports cross-progression and cross-platform. It has over 10 unique game modes with returning modes like search and destroy, team deathmatch, and domination as well as new unique games modes that have never been in previous Call Of Duty Titles called cyber attack, gunfight, and 20v20 ground war[2]. The game was released at a $59.99 USD price point. In game items are sold through the in game store where players can purchase item cosmetics, new operator skins, emblems , and calling cards. Modern warfare also includes a battle pass which can be purchased by players for ten dollars at the start of every new season[3]. Players advance through the 100 tier battle pass throughout the season gaining rewards every tier until it resets at the end of the season.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
Release DateOctober 26,2019
DevelopersInfinity Ward
EngineIW 8.0
GenreFirst-Person Shooter
PlatformsXbox One, Playstation 4, PC
ESRB RatingM for Mature

Multiplayer edit

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has a multiplayer mode with over 12 different game modes. Modern Warfare (2019) is the first Call Of Duty game to feature cross progression and cross platform which allows players from different platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and PC play and communicate with each other[4]. There are two playlists featured in the Modern Warfare (2019) multiplayer there is either core or hardcore to choose from. The core playlist has the default game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free-For-All, etc. Health is at the default 100, HUD is enabled, and friendly fire is disabled. The Hardcore playlist has the same game modes as core but the gameplay is drastically different. In hardcore game modes everything is the exact opposite Health is decreased, HUD is disabled, and friendly fire is turned on. Hardcore gives players more of a challenge and forces them to rely more on their in game senses and awareness compared to regular core gameplay. Multiplayer also includes a 2v2 game mode called gunfight this is a competitive mode that places four players in small compressed maps. The teams of two players verse each other in multiple rounds with the winner being the pair that is able to win 6 rounds first. Guns and equipment are also randomly selected each round forcing players to adapt to new playstyles [5].

Game Modes edit

Multiplayer Modes
Game Mode Names Team Deathmatch Free-For-All Domination Search and Destroy Headquarters Hardpoint Capture The Flag Ground War Gunfight
# of Players 6v6, 10v10 8 players no teams 6v6,10v10 6v6 6v6 6v6 6v6 32v32 2v2
Summary Two teams of 6 or 10 First team to reach 75 kills/points wins First player to reach 30 kills/points wins 3 flag zones around map, each team is battling for control over zones, first team to reach 200 score wins the game. Two bombsites A & B one team is attacking and one team is defending. Attacking team has to plant and detonate bomb before round expires while the defending team has to defuse bomb, first team to win 6 rounds wins. Two teams, HQ spawns randomly around the map each team gains points for holding down and capturing the HQ. one point every capture and one point every five seconds until HQ is disabled first team to 200 points wins the game. Two teams, battle to control objectives that spawn around the map. Objective must be clear to score points and will be paused if any enemy members step into the objective. First team to score 250 points wins. Two teams, two rounds each team must capture the enemy flag located on the other side of the map. Each capture gives one point, team with most points at the end of the round wins. Two teams, five control points , 250 points to win and has vehicles and allows squad respawn. Two teams of 2 players verse each other, random gun and equipment spawns, first team to win 5 rounds wins the game.
Playlist Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core/Hardcore Core

Warzone edit

Warzone is a battle royale type game mode in the Modern Warfare (2019) multiplayer. It saw an official release on March 10,2019 almost five months after the initial release of Modern Warfare (2019). Warzone is a 150 player battle royale that takes place on the map Verdansk[6] Players deploy from a plane into the map which is scattered with loot and locations where players choose where to go at the start of the game. All 150 players constantly look for better loot and cash which can be used to buy equipment and perks that give them advantages that can help them win the game. For example cash can be used to buy loadout drops, self-revive, armor plates, and etc. Players do these tasks while fighting each other as well as avoiding the closing storm that closes every few minutes making the playing space smaller so gunfights and gameplay is more frequent and chaotic. Warzone also gives players a second chance when they are killed due to a game mechanic called "The Gulag". When players die for the first time they are sent into the gulag where they must wait to be queued with another dead player. The two players engage in a one versus one style gunfight with random guns and equipment with the winner being deployed back into the map and the loser sent back to the lobby[7]. Each player is only given one trip to the gulag throughout the whole match. In the warzone playlist players can choose from either solos, duos, trios, and quads. Each mode is the same except for the amount of the teammates you have for example, in solos you have no teammates while in quads each player has a team of four[8].

Special Ops edit

Special Ops is a game mode featured in Modern Warfare (2019) that has players play in operations and missions that further expand the modern warfare story[9]. Spec ops includes operations which is four player team based that takes place in the city of Verdansk that has players complete tasks across the large map. Players have to work together to destroy the logistics of the At-Qatala army[10]. Spec Ops also has missions that can be played solo or with up to four players that test players skills with different killstreaks, guns ,and equipment and gives players a more arranged experience[11]. Lastly spec ops features a survival mode where four players are put against an oncoming wave of enemies that increase in difficulty and numbers over time[12].

Engine edit

IW 8.0 edit

The engine used in Modern Warfare (2019) is called IW 8.0 and was developed over the span of five years by an Infinity Ward studio in Poland with plans to use the engine for future titles[13]. The engine allows players to play in 4k resolution with HDR and is able to use raytracing (exclusive to PC) with more detailed environments and more efficient rendering of the games locations[14]. The IW 8.0 engine is also able to produce photorealistic character models and more beautiful scenery[15]. IW 8.0 has a physically-based materials system which improves the realism look of the game as well as "revamping the background streaming system using a hybrid tile-based approach", which helps the games world appear more detailed.[16].

Controversy edit

Russian Backlash edit

The Modern Warfare (2019) game saw backlash from Russian media outlets for various reasons. One being its depiction of the military conflict in Syria. "State-run Russian network Rossiya 24 called the game "a provocation aimed at discrediting Russian troops who help Syrian authorities." Another pro-Kremlin network, REN TV, slammed the game as "an unequivocal attack against Russia."[17] Russian Call Of Duty fans also criticized the portrayal of Russian soldiers in the video game. This outrage comes from a mission in the campaign titled "Highway of death" that resembles a road that connects Iraq and Kuwait. "Highway 80 was dubbed the “Highway of Death” due to U.S. soldiers attacking Iraqi soldiers that left numerous dead.[18]. The outrage comes as in the game there is a fictional attack on US soldiers from Russian forces that resembles the Highway of Death. The outrage comes from people believing that infinity ward tried to rewrite history by covering up a real life U.S. war crime[19].

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