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Brookhsu sees films and videos; innovative performance, as "New Media Arts". But says he is not familiar with it as a genre ... it could be anything really ...


In the words "New Media Arts" Brookhsu understands "The future!" He thinks of lots of his artistic studies: they start with what is traditional, and slowly they move on, and anything one touches and produces is new ... To him that's new medias! Everyday, the new things being done can be considered new medias ... It's quite comparable to food, fresh food. Drawing he does, because it's new and because it's media: it must be New Media.


On the Question: "Do we need capitals?" He likes them ...

Technical Specificities of New Media ArtsEdit

Difference from "Old Media"Edit

Brookhsu says, "Nothing differs from old and new media. Why would they need to be different? They are both creation. The 'first sight' answer was the 'normalised' answer because of how a school is divided into departments, each with teachers/specialists who teach specific techniques. But I find more and more each day that whether or not I involve myself in a department, such as Painting, I do not only have to study and practice painting in a traditional sense. Art, I notice, is becoming more interdisciplinary within school."

Separation between New Media and Old Media in the ArtsEdit

Brookhsu says, "Maybe there is a separation between New Media and Old Media in the Arts; when one wants to define what is new and what is old in the realm of art, it causes the comparison."

New Media Arts FunctionsEdit

Brookhsu says, "Art functions in everyone's daily life. New is anything that we have not experienced or known before any given moment. Media is the form that our new knowledge is given to us. Breaking this down, I can recognize now how simply new media arts functions."

What the Student of New Media Arts Needs to LearnEdit

Brookhsu says, "A student of new media arts should keep an open mind to what he would like to learn while tending to what he needs to learn. This leaves the most flexible curriculum."

What Brook Hsu Needs to LearnEdit

He says, "I would not know anything about software, that knowledge needs to be introduced to me. But, being a student, I know that the more curious I am to discover the world around me, the more I have to work with. I try to look at the amount I need to acquire as being endless because it truly is."

How New Media Arts Should Be TaughtEdit

Brookhsu says, "... I think that the instructor should have a clear idea of what is a basis, a foundation, to start a student off, but, after giving that knowledge to the student, allowing the student to take it in any direction. I also believe that an instructor is not all knowing and should be willing to learn from the students. Give and Take, Push and Pull."

How Wikiversity Can Bring an Interesting ApproachEdit

Brookhsu says, "... On a cultural level, there is no matching the possibilities. Here, people from all over the world can meet to create and discuss and learn. Today, I recognize how important the internet and my involvement in its community is towards acquiring a universal knowledge. I believe the Wikiversity is an path towards this goal."

How the Teaching Should Be Structured, Scheduled, GrantedEdit

Brookhsu says, "... I do not know what qualifies someone as a teacher. Really, anyone can be an instructor, but when everyone wants to be a teacher and no one is a student... there is a lack of structure. How these positions are granted are up to the person joining the school. I would hope that people would notice the balance that is needed."

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