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Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was originally released on September 17th, 2021 on Netflix. It is a Korean drama and has already been watched by many viewers all over the world. There are nine episodes of Squid Game so far, and each episode is roughly an hour long. Hundreds of contestants desperate for cash, accept an invitation to play children's games. The cash prize is high and the stakes are deadly.

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Squid Game was filmed in one city an hour outside of Seoul, South Korea. Daejeon is a popular city for many South Korean films, and now Squid Game will be added to the archive.

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There was not a lot of CGI used in the making of Squid Game. The director wanted the set to be as real as possible. (add reference to youtube video mentioning this point). The first episode, Red Light, Green Light, actually had over 400 people on set since there was an enormous amount of space for everyone to be together.

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