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Scott Bradlee performing with Postmodern Jukebox

Overview edit

Ariana Salvas and Sarah Reich performing "Bad Romance"

Postmodern Jukebox(PMJ for short) is a collective of musical artists of whom are dedicated to fusing the music of the modern day with the music styles prevalent in the 20th century. Originating as a group of musicians recording tunes in a basement in Queens, New York[1], the group found itself with a massive following after a slew of their work became viral sensations, most notably with their rendition of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop," of which managed to garner 1 million views in the first week alone[2]. Following the sudden exposure, Postmodern Jukebox has expanded to host a collective of over 100 musicians and vocalists as well as acquiring a base of operations in the form of a manor house in Los Angeles(aptly named PMJ Manor) in the span of a few years. This success did not go unnoticed by entertainment platforms. In 2013, Cosmopolitan[3] invited Postmodern Jukebox to their New York office space in order to film a mashup tribute to 2013 hits entitled "Just Another Day at the Office[4]." In 2015, MTV UK collaborated with Postmodern Jukebox in order to film a cover of Elle King's hit "Ex's & Oh's[5]." In 2018, Scott Bradlee released a book entitled Outside the Jukebox: How I turned My Vintage Music Obsession Into My Dream Gig, detailing how Postmodern Jukebox came to fruition. The book found positive praise from Publishers Weekly[6].

Touring History edit

Postmodern Jukebox has stepped foot upon the grounds of six different continents with most of their dates and locations concentrated in North America and Europe.

2016 edit

Postmodern Jukebox played a part in opening for the Dubai International Jazz Festival in 2016[7], kicking off their 2016 tour, taking them across Europe, Oceania, and North America.

2017 edit

Postmodern Jukebox toured both Europe and North America simultaneously by creating two groups of entertainers. 2017 was also the first time that Postmodern jukebox entered the continent of South America.

2018 edit

For the first time, Postmodern Jukebox steps foot in Africa, culminating in them playing for multiple different Jazz festivals.[8][9]

Haley Reinhart with Postmodern Jukebox

Recurring Music Styles edit

Postmodern Jukebox has a heavy focus on jazz as a whole, incorporating the many different styles and subgenres of jazz such as dixieland and swing into their set. Although the collective is heavily geared towards jazz, other styles make their mark known as well. Soul, Doo-Wop, and R&B find themselves a common sight on the roster as well.

Recurring Members edit

Encompassing aspiring artists, well-established creators, contestants from American Idol, and their very own #PMJSearch, Postmodern Jukebox has expanded from a collection of friends to a collective of music greats through the years.

  • Adam Kubota: bass
  • Annie Bosco: vocals
  • Alex MacDonald: tap dancing
  • Aly Ryan: vocals
  • Anissa Lee: tap dancing
  • Annie Goodchild: vocals
  • Ariana Salvas: vocals
  • Arthur Vint: drums
  • Aubrey Logan: vocals, trombone
  • Benny Benack II: vocals and trumpet
  • Ben-The-Sax-Guy: saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, flute, guitar, melodica, and piano
  • Blake Lewis: vocals
  • Brielle Von Hugel: vocals
  • Caley and Kelsey: tap dancing
  • Caroline Baran: vocals
  • Casey Abrams: bass, melodica, and vocals
  • Chloe Feoranzo: vocals
  • Cristina Gatti: vocals
  • Dani Armstrong: vocals
  • David Simmons Jr: vocals
  • Dave Tedeschi: drums
  • Demi Remick: tap dancing
  • Emily Goglia: vocals
  • Emma Hatton: vocals
  • Eric Heveron-Smith: bass, trombone, tuba
  • Gilmarie Villanueva: vocals
  • Grace Kelly: saxophone and vocals
  • Gunhild Carling: everything
  • Haley Reinhart: vocals
  • Hannah Gill: vocals
  • Jacob Scesney: woodwinds
  • JAX: vocals
  • Jesse Elder: piano
  • Jennie Lena; vocals
  • Jillian Jensen: vocals
  • Joey Cook: vocals, accordion, and ukulele
  • Juliette Goglia: vocals
  • J.P. Floyd: trombone
  • Kenton Chen: vocals
  • Lauren Tyler Scott: vocals
  • LaVance Colley: vocals
  • Lee Howard: tap dancing
  • Lemar Guillary: trombone, sousaphone
  • Lisa Gary: vocals
  • Logan Evan Thomas: piano
  • Maiya Sykes: vocals
  • Mario Jose: vocals
  • Maris: vocals
  • Martin Diller: drums
  • Martina DaSilva: vocals
  • Matt Shields: tap dancing
  • Melinda Doolittle: vocals
  • Melinda Sullivan: tap dancing
  • Michael Cunio: vocals
  • Michaela Paige: vocals
  • Miche Braden: vocals
  • Mike Cottone: trumpet
  • Mike Chisnall: guitar
  • Morgan James: vocals
  • Mykal Kilgore: vocals
  • Natalie Angst: vocals
  • Nick Finzer: trombone
  • Nicole Atkins: vocals
  • Olivia Kuper Harris: vocals
  • Puddles the Clown: vocals
  • Rayvon Owen: vocals
  • Robyn Adele Anderson: vocals
  • Ryan Quinn: vocals
  • Sara Niemietz: vocals
  • Sarah Reich: tap dancing
  • Scott Bradlee: piano, key-tar; progenitor of PMJ
  • Scotty Grand: vocals
  • Shoshana Bean: vocals
  • Stefano: vocals
  • Steve Whipple: bass
  • Tara Louise: vocals
  • Tess Mohr: vocals
  • The Tee Tones: backup vocals
  • Therese Curatolo: vocals
  • Tia Simone: vocals
  • Tim Kubart: the one and only tambourine guy
  • Todd Schroeder: piano
  • Tom Jorgensen: drums
  • Tony DeSare: vocals and piano
  • Tony Kieraldo: piano
  • Von Smith: vocals
  • Vonzell Solomon: vocals

Released Albums edit

  • Twist Is The New Twerk
  • Clubbin' With Grandpa
  • Historical Misappropriation
  • Selfies On Kodachrome
  • Emoji Antique
  • Swipe Right For Vintage
  • Top Hat On Fleek
  • PMJ Is For Lovers
  • PMJ And Chill
  • Swing The Vote
  • Squad Goals
  • 33 Resolutions Per Minute
  • Fake Blues
  • New Gramophone, Who Dis?
  • The New Classics
  • Jazz Me Outside, Part 1
  • Jazz Me Outside, Part 2
  • Learn To Floss In 3 Easy Steps
  • Sepia Is The New Orange
  • Blue Mirror
  • A Very Postmodern Christmas
  • The Essentials Album
  • The Essentials II Album
  • Jazz Age Thirst Trap
  • Throwback Clapback

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Postmodern Jukebox's official website:

References edit

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