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Lobintan (Chinese: 路邊攤) is pen name of a Hong-Kongese columnist and comic book artist. Her English name is Kylie[1]. She publishes in both printed and digital media. Her pen name is inspired by market stall (Chinese: 路邊攤) in Hong Kong[2].

Biography edit

She did not study drawing before she started to darw comics. She studied accounting in high school, and graduated in Social Science from a university[2]. She loves reading comics, such as Doraemon, when she was young. During the reading, she observes how the authors draw the characters and background and imitates when she found interesting on the characters and/or scenes[1].

Career edit

She started to post her comics in her blog in 2008 as her diary of her lifes while she was working in a PR company. Her blog was featured by Yahoo (Hong Kong) and gained the popularity by her comics. In 2009, she received offers from publishers to publish her book. Her first book "愈懶惰愈快樂" published later in the same year. After she published three books, she quitted her PR job and becomes a full-time comic book artist and columnist. Between 2011 and 2014, she published on one of the columns in Headline Daily, a free newspaper in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, she published numerous of comic books and continues to publish her comics on her blog and social networks[1]. She also partners with companies for one-page comics that come with her characters on businesses' message.

Characters edit

Name (Chinese) Name (English) Name (Pronunciation) Type Role First Appearance in Book
路邊攤 Lobintan Lo-bin-tan Main Character Original Jin's wife 愈懶惰愈快樂 (#1)
阿真 Original Jin A-jin Main Character Lobintan's husband 愈懶惰愈快樂 (#1)
小攤攤 Siu-tan-tan Main Character Lobintan & Original Jin's daughter 小攤攤的育成孕記 (#12)

Works edit

Books edit

# Book title (Chinese) Book title (Translation in English) Theme Published Year ISBN Note
1 愈懶惰愈快樂 Getting happier while heaing Hea 2009 9789881846105
2 愈上學愈快樂 Getting happier while going to school Going to school 2009 9789881846273
3 情人眼裏超低B Foolishness from lover's view Dating couple 2010 9789881916440
4 笨蛋是怎樣煉成的 How to temper idiots Idiot 2010 9789881916587
5 懶人閃亮亮求生術 How to survive as lazy people Survival of lazy people 2011 9789881960818
6 愛似忌廉溝鮮奶 Love likes cream, sode and milk Love 2011 9789881960801
7 笨友襲地球 Idiot friends are attacking Earth Idiot friends 2012 9789881542908
8 笨蛋老闆的一年級課 Idiot boss' first grade class Idiot boss 2012 9789881543066
9 迷糊 Office 365 Confused office life in 365 days Office life 2013 9789888157013
10 路邊喵 Abandoned cat on the side of the road Abandoned cat 2013 9789888157099
11 情人眼裏超低B 2 之七年之癢 Foolishness from lover's view 2:

Seven years wait

Dating couple 2014 9789888157181 Second sequel of 情人眼裏超低B (#3)
12 小攤攤的育成孕記 Journal of Raising Siu-tan-tan Raising kid 2015 9789881409393
13 笨蛋媽媽的一年級課 Idiot mom's first grade class Idiot mom 2016 9789887719939
14 路邊喵with Baby Crying with Baby Raising Kid 2017 9789887815617
15 不甜蜜的婚姻生活 Bittersweet Married Life Married Couple 2018 9789887815747 Another sequel of 情人眼裏超低B (#3 and #11)

Columns edit

Newspaper/ Media Name Column name Publish Period
Headline Daily N/A 2011 - 2014[1]
Orange News 迷糊小窩 2016 - Current

References edit

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