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One the most famous songs, "Love of my Life" was created by the unparalleled British rock band, famously known as "Queen. The ballad [1] originated from the album A Night at the Opera and turned out to be a huge success towards many countries worldwide. The ballad was performed by all members of the British rock band consisting of lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, lead guitarist Brian May, lead drummer Roger Taylor, and lead bassist John Deacon. Love of my Life was first written on the piano and guitar by the lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury. Brian May then touched up upon the ballad with an acoustic 12-string guitar solely for live performances. Brian May also occasionally added guitar phrases to the original recording and then played the harp. Followed by pasting together multiple takes of single chords altogether in the end. Queen’s “Love of My Life” is one classic tribute to love.

ReleasedNovember 21, 1975
Recorded1975 at various studios
Record LabelEMI, Elektra
SongwriterFreddie Mercury
Producer(s)Queen, Roy Thomas Baker

Background Behind the Song edit

The intention of this song is dedicated to Freddie Mercury's ex-fiancée, best friend, and the true love of his life, Mary Austin[2]. Mercury's true passion for Mary Austin is clear in every performance of this song by Queen. Written entirely by Freddie Mercury himself, this song is a confession towards his unconditional love and affection towards Mary Austin.

But who exactly is Mary Austin?

Mary Austin was just an ordinary girl, born in 1951 in London, UK. Her first encounter with a future Queen band member was first, Brian May during college. Mary Austin befriended Brian May and even dated for a little awhile, and since then Austin has tagged along with May into the upbringing of a forming a rag-tag band in college with Roger Taylor. After Brian May and Roger Taylor's lead singer departed from them, they were introduced to Freddie Mercury who then later on changed the group band name famously known to ‘Queen.’ This then began Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s relationship, where in 1973 they moved in together, and even got engaged. Unfortunately, they never got officially married due to their relationship fallout. Mercury and Austin resided together for seven years. As revealed to in an interview with Freddie’s mother Jer Bulsara by The Telegraph, Mary Austin labored two children named Richard and Jamie, not biologically related to Freddie. Mercury became the godfather of the two children of Mary. And even after Mercury and Austin's fallout with their relationship, they both remained very close friends until Freddie’s death in 1991. When Freddie tragically passed away due to AIDS, Mary Austin was passed on Mercury’s massive mansion in West London.

Accolades edit

Museum RockArt, Queen grootste hits

"Love of my life" is deemed to be one of Queen’s best works put forth of their mixed portfolio. Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury takes a step back from the usual formula of Rock and writes and performs a new serenading song with his showing of his unbelievable vocal expertise. “Love of My Life” is also apart of one of the biggest and top selling Rock albums of all time, which is ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen from the year 1975. The album as well is also the home to one of the most well-respected Rock songs ever created “Bohemian Rhapsody.” "Love of my life" was such a hit song worldwide that it was coincided with Queen's other hit songs into a highly requested, full pledged CD of Queen's Greatest Hits.

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[[File:Queen - montagem.png|thumb|Queen's band members: Freddie Mercury, Brian May drummer Roger Taylor John Deacon

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Some notable quotes by Queen band members regarding the ballad, "Love of my Life":

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