YouTube is a popular free video sharing website which lets users upload, view, and share video clips. Videos can be rated, and the average rating and the number of times a video has been watched are both published. The main purpose of this project is to find and promote educational videos. For further discussion and suggestions of similar sites please see the talk page.

YouTube also is one of the most favorite site in internet to watch a different videos uploading of many citizens. It is a site that you can easily view and watch many videos. You can react to all videos as long as you have a account for this site it can allow you to comment, like, or dislike the video. Million of citizens use this site because its a lot of purposes for us. You can upload a video for advertising, for entertaining, for expressing, for researching, for educating, and many more. So it can be the one of the best site in the internet.

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First add major scientific field (or other) names to the built in search engine, like biology, chemistry, language learning, tutorial, etc. Not all videos displayed are suitable to link into this page however, so it is up to you to select the appropriate ones (should be educational related). Browse also the Related videos and More videos from the same user to find more material. Happy hunting!





Molecular biologyEdit


  • Genetics 101 (part1 part2 part3 part4) - Description: The very basics of genetics in a short animation series (approx. 4 minutes each )





  • [1] video of an interesting music device
  • [2] another video of an interesting music device

Physics and AstronomyEdit

  • Gravity visualized 2 meter diameter stretched membrane depicts gravity, orbits, dark matter, and the formation of the solar system.
  • Make an amazing magic ball Demonstrates the concept of torque, center of mass, and potential energy: A weighted ball on a ramp will not roll because although a torque is developed, the center of mass is displaced from the center of the ball. This would cause the ball's center of mass to rise if it rolled. But this ball has an extra property that makes it seem alive. Easily explained and understood.
  • Make a cloud dissappear (Physical science) When water vapor is supersaturated it means that the pressure and temperature are such that droplets should form. But the molecules have trouble "finding each other" unless a small particles (called aerosols) are in the air. The sudden decompression somehow plays a role...but how?
  • Hammer torque demo. The center of mass (gravity) is directly below the balance point.
  • Chaos


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