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Wenqing Yan Wenqing Yan or Yuumei is a 27 year old Chinese Illustrator, born in china but grew up in america at the age of nine. She is well known for her web comic series fish eye placebo, and knite. She is also known for her Anext Cat ear headphones which is sold at brookstone. the meaning of her username means either light and darkness or Famous

Wenqing Yan
Other namesYuumei
EducationUc Berkley
Notable work

fisheye placebo cover of the anext cat ear headphones

1000 words

Early life edit

In her early life she was born in 1991 in china and grew up there. It wasn't until she was nine years old when she moved to america with her parents.

Posting her art online edit

When she was 12 she then appeared on the internet at the age of 12 on a website called DeviantArt only for her to post her first work not much later and she continued posting

Teen Years edit

During her teen years she would have multiple pieces posted showcasing her talents. Show would also grow a large following. It wasn't till very long later people would start steal her work and sell them claiming it as her own work. She would show her disgust about how china didn't allow Death Note she would show her anger by state to the ones who banned it "evil crazy bastards" but during that time it was due to her interest in the series but it wasn't till she went back to china she would complain about how in china they would call her "fat" though in america she is considered under weight.[1]

Adult Years edit

In her adult years she made her first graphic web comic named Knite and it became a hit on Deviant art due to its uniqueness and pretty art. After a span of 10 chapters and going from 2010 to 2013 she ended the series but it was recognized as a Manga. She would then post her second comic named Fisheye Placebo in 2011 and that boosted her fame due to its vibrant colors. Distopia like story and Orwellian story telling. After the success of that she then started to sell her own merchandise, first posters at a convention named Anime Expo (AX) but when she started selling her art there she found out something and that was the plagiarism at the con. She would start up a go fund me for her signature cat-ear headphones.

Controversies edit

first controversy edit

she would have her first picture being stolen, the name of this picture is known as selfish and has its own message to it. the picture was posted onto my space but not much long later the post was deleted along with the picture. The day that was posted she found out through her friend and made a post about the art theft. The art was similar though the winged women but the quote was taken out with her username.

second controversy edit

Not very long after she would be accused of tracing due to her art being similar but this was due to her art being similar to another persons art. She was able to calm people down saying that she wasnt tracing and that it was a coincidence.[2]

controversy at a con edit

she found out that people where stealing her identity and claiming to be yuumei and stealing her art calling it her own, she was enraged by it and she would report them for plagiarism and it slowly died off due to the con banning them.

people stealing her headphones idea edit

after the success of her headphone there wouldn't be long before someone once again steals her idea of the cat ear head phones and the first person to steal it was hip hop artist Ariana Grande

feud between Wenqing and Ariana edit

what has happened was that not long after the release of her headphones Ariana Grande took the idea and bumped up the price. Wenqing's headphones being 100 dollars and Ariana's being 150. Though Wenqing had 3 million dollars being how much was funded she didn't let blatant plagerism go under the rug and ranted about it on twitter. [3]

Wenqing and FLCL 2 edit

In 2017 adult swim showed a trailer for a new tv show showing a girl with cat ear headphones being shown. Once again she took to twitter and was more sad than mad about the plagiarism. And all she asked was to have them ask her if its okay if they can use the design. Thought the show hasnt aired she has asked to have the headphones taken out or at least be credited. [4]

References edit