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The Dodge Hellcat is part of the Dodge company which is an American brand. The Dodge Hellcat is considered under the category of "American Muscle". Dodge would compete against companies like Ford, Chevy, and General Motors but when the Hellcat model was released it changed the standards for expectations for America Muscle cars. Every car enthusiast had their eyes on the Hellcat.

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The Hellcat was introduced in 2015. Dodge has always been about making powerful muscle cars to compete with their competition, but when they introduced the hellcat to the world it put them on a higher level than the rest of their competition. Before the Hellcat was introduced the best model that you can buy in a Charger or Challenger was a 392 Hemi, which is a 6.4 Liter naturally aspirated v8 engine that produced 485 horsepower. 1 That is already an upper hand for example on Ford, on their Mustang models their 5.0 engine produced only 412 horsepower.2 When the Hellcat was introduced it blew all of the other cars out the roof. The hellcat's lineup in the challenger and the charger hellcats came with an insane 6.2-liter supercharged v8 engine which produced 707 horsepower which is nowhere close to what any of the other Muscle cars were producing at the time. Dodge caught the world by surprise.

Hellcat charger edit

The Charger Hellcat is the 4 door family sedan with an insane amount of power from the Hellcat engine. The charger hellcat comes with 2 extra doors and more space compared to the challenger version. The charger is considered the most powerful family sedan ever produced. The Charger hellcat model comes in the RWD option only.

Hellcat Challenger edit

The Hellcat Challenger is the coupe version of the Hellcat model. The challenger also pushes 707 horses from the immaculate hellcat engine. The challenge was discontinued until its comeback in 2008. With the announcement of the 2015 hellcat the challenger comeback was made even more legendary with a historic engine that will be remembered in the car industry forever.3

Jeep Trackhawk edit

The Jeep Trackhawk was announced in 2018. It is a powerhouse of a family SUV with a punching 707 horsepower from the notorious hellcat engine with an AWD drivetrain. The Trackhawk instantly became the leading model in the Grand Cherokee lineup. The Trackhawk is the most powerful Jeep Grand Cherokee to this day and one of the fasts production SUVs ever created.4

Disconintuation 2023 edit

Unfortunately, 2023 will be the last year for the production of the hellcat lineups. Moving forward into the future Dodge wants to pursue the EV game and compete with the cars of the new generation and move away from the typical gasoline engines. This will definitely be an end of an era. The Hellcat era was definitely one of a kind, even after years of having the lineup available no other competitor was able to make a model in their vehicles as powerful as the Hellcat. The notorious Hellcat will end its eight years of reign on top undefeated.5

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