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Trinh Cong Son edit

Musician Trinh Cong Son
BornFeb 28, 1939
Field of ResearchVideo, [[]], [[]]
Birth PlaceBuon Me Thuot, Vietnam

Vietnamese Trinh Cong Son was born on February 28, 1939, in Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam, and died on April 1, 2001, in Sai Gon, Vietnam. Mr. Trinh was a famous singer and songwriter. He had written many anti-war songs and romantic songs during Vietnam war. After the reunification in 1975, he was sentenced to a labor camp by the communist government. But, he was actually honored by the government and many officials sent their respects with floral tributes.

Education edit

Trinh Cong Son attended elementary schools and studied in French lycee in Hue. Unfortunately, Son's father, who worked secretly for the revolutionary movement, was killed in 1955 when he crashed his Vespa in Quang Tri. Although the death of his father was a bit tragic, Son did not give up his studies. Between 1956-1957, Son studied at the Thien Huu School run by the Catholic diocese in Hue. After receiving his baccalaureate degree, he moved to Saigon where he studied philosophy at the Lycee Chasseloup-Laubat, so he could avoid the draft.

Career edit

Son worked as a teacher in Hue for several years in the mid-1950. However, Son was also inspired to become a songwriter which he decided to give up teaching.

Noble work edit