Digital Media Concepts/Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty (COD): Modern Warfare was realized on October 25, 2019. But Warzone came out on March 10, 2020. It is an action based video game. This is the 16th overall game in the Call Of Duty franchise. This is a Cross-platform game, you can play on Xbox and play with people from Playstation and PC. The game is based on a realistic and modern setting.

What is Warzone? edit

There are multiple game modes now in the Warzone factor. Warzone is an add on to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Warzone is an online part of the game. There are many modes to the game that they added and are still adding. They have Battle Royale (BR) in Verdansk, Plunder, Rebirth island or also known as Resurgence island. All of those modes switch around and sometimes they add some from the multiplier. When Black Ops: Cold War came out they decided to make it part of Warzone as well. So when it got added it became Verdansk year ‘84. They also added Cold War weapons and vehicles. Now they are adding the newest COD weapons to Warzone. The newest Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

Warzone Modes: edit

COD Mode
Mode: How many players in a team: Objective:
Battle Royale (BR) in Verdansk Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad Last Alive
Plunder Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad Who hits a $1M the fastest
Rebirth or Resurgence island Duo, Trio, Squad Last Alive

How to play: edit

The way it works is when you get in the game you are in an airplane. When you jump out you fly to a location of your choice and land. When you land you only start with a pistol so you have to loot chests or the floor for guns. You can also find money, equipment (lethal and tactical), storestreaks, gas masks, armor plates or a satchel, and contracts. When you loot the floor and find weapons you can carry 2 guns, one lethal, one tactical, a gas mask, 5 armor plates or a satchel that comes with 8 armor, one storestreak, infinite money, and can only have one contract at a time. When you have $10k you can buy a loadout. The loadout is to have your custom classes. You may still loot the floor or get contracts as well. The last person or team is the winner.

Floor Loot edit

Kilo 141 (AR)
M4A1 (AR)
FR 5.56 (AR)
Oden (AR)
M13 (AR)
FN Scar (AR)
AK-47 (AR)
RAM-7 (AR)
Grau 5.56 (AR)
P90 (SMG)
Uzi (SMG)
PP19 Bizon (SMG)
Striker 45 (SMG)
Model 680 (Shotgun)
R9-0 Shotgun (Shotgun)
725 (Shotgun)
Origin 12 Shotgun (Shotgun)
VLK Rogue (Shotgun)
SA87 (LMG)
MG34 (LMG)
M92 (LMG)
Holger-26 (LMG)
Bruen Mk9 (LMG)
EBR-14 (Marksman)
MK2 (Marksman)
Kar98K (Marksman)
Crossbows (Marksman)
SKS (Marksman)
Dragunov (Sniper)
HDR (Sniper)
AX-50 (Sniper)
Riot Shield (Melee)
X16 (Handgun)
1911 (Handgun)
M19 (Handgun)
.357 (Handgun)
.50 GS (Handgun)
Renetti (Handgun)
PILA (Launchers)
Strela-P (Launchers)
JOKR (Launchers)
RPG-7 (Launchers)
Combat Knife (Melee)
Lethal and Tactical:
Frag Grenade (Lethal)
Semtex (Lethal)
Molotov Cocktail (Lethal)
Throwing Knife (Lethal)
Claymore (Lethal)
Proximity Mine (Lethal)
C4 (Lethal)
Thermite (Lethal)
Stun Grenade (Tactical)
Flash Grenade (Tactical)
Smoke Grenade (Tactical)
Stim (Tactical)
Decoy Grenade (Tactical)
Snapshot Grenade (Tactical)
Heartbeat Sensor (Tactical)
Cluster Strike
Precision Airstrike
Sentry Gun
Combat Bow
Contract What you have to do:
Bounty Hunt the target down and eliminate
Scavenger Open the supply box
Recon Secure the area
Most Wanted Survive as king
Supply Run Get to the buy zone fast