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Best Pizza, also called Frank's Best Pizza, is a pizzeria located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City on Havemeyer Street near Padre Pio Way. [1] The restaurant is known for making a New York street styled pizza in a century old oven. It has been called a “Williamsburg institution” and is the go to pizzeria for locals. Pizzas can be ordered by the slice or by the whole pie.

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Frank Pinello is the sole owner and operator of Best Pizza in Brooklyn. Frank was born and raised in Brooklyn so he's been around pizza his entire life.[2] A local pizzeria called Roberta's is where Frank got his start in food before going to The Culinary Institute of America. After seeing a place open up that included an old school brick oven, Pinello got to work. Best Pizza has been open for over four years and has served as a neighborhood spot to grab a slice and go. This critically acclaimed restaurant lead to Frank's second venture as the host of the Pizza Show. The Pizza Show dives deep into the world of pizza by exploring regional specific pizzas all over the world. Occasionally, celebrities will be featured on the show for an interview at Frank's shop.

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A Day at Best Pizza edit


The day begins with lighting the fire for the oven and sweeping the shop. Lighting the fire consists of chopping fire wood and stacking it up till it's ready to be lit. The fire is started early in the day to get the oven up to temperature by the time it's ready for pizza to go in. While the oven heats up, the floor is swept and tables cleaned. Four batches of dough are then made and left to ferment for 24 hours. Each batch is made for the following day.[3]


The shop opens at 11am and the first pies are just coming out. The shop will make over 200 pies along with heros and other sides. Delivery begins at 12pm and it only extends to the Brooklyn area. This will all continue to the closing of the shop at 1am.

Restaurant edit

The dining area is quite spacious and houses roughly 20 seats. A bar on the left side of the restaurant holds a water dispenser, napkins, red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, and oregano. The walls are lined with paper plates that include drawings by customers on them. There is a small bathroom located in the back right corner. [4]

Menu edit

Pizzas Available[5]

Classic New York Slice

White Slice

Square Slice

Heros Available

Chicken Parm



Italian Combo



Garlic Knots

Season Vegetable

Spicy Mixed Pickles




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