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Heroes of the Storm is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment .

Overview edit

The game began in Closed Beta on January 13, 2015, and officially launched June 2, 2015[1]. On release day, the game had 30 playable heroes, 7 battlegrounds, and 130 skins[2]. Players take on the role of notable characters all across Blizzard's games, taking heroes from Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Starcraft Universes[3]. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy core. The various battlegrounds in the game introduce variation to the game, each battleground comes with it's own unique objectives that assist players by either by directly damaging the core or creating unique circumstances that help with the goal of destruction. fighting often revolves around defending these objectives due to their devastating effects.

Heroes edit

Heroes are the unique playable characters in Heroes of the Storm. A player chooses a single hero each with it's own different abilities and talents. They can fight other heroes and be slain, re-spawning after a set time where they started the game. Fighting heroes and creatures give players experience with unlocks access to new talents and abilities. Heroes come in 5 different roles, Assassin, Warrior, Support, Specialist, and Multi-class, which define their core play-style in the game.[4]

Roles edit

Warrior edit

Warriors are front-line heroes, built to withstand large amounts of damage either through self healing or damage mitigation abilities. Their objective is to disrupt the enemy team either by removing key heroes or tying up the other warrior.[5]

Warriors Sub-Role
Yrel Off-Tank
Blaze Main-Tank
Garrosh Main-Tank
D.Va Bruiser
Varian Multiclass
Zarya Bruiser
Dehaka Bruiser
Cho Bruiser
Artanis Main-Tank
Rexxar Off-Tank
Leoric Anti-Tank
Johana Main-Tank
Anubarak Main-Tank
Chen Off-Tank
Diablo Main-Tank
Tyrael Off-Tank
Sonya Bruiser
Muradin Main-Tank
Arthas Main-Tank
E.T.C. Main-Tank
Stitches Main-Tank

Support edit

Support heroes bring powerful healing and buffs to their allies, they assist warriors with control with their own disruptive abilities, usually by roots or stuns.[5]

Support Sub-Role
Whitemane Burst-Healer
Deckard Sustain-Healer
Ana Burst-Healer
Stukov Burst-Healer
Lucio Sustain-Healer
Auriel Burst-Healer
Lt. Morales Sustain-Healer
Kharazim Burst-Healer
Rehgar Burst-Healer
Brightwing Sustain-Healer
Li Li Sustain-Healer
Uther Burst-Healer
Malfurion Sustain-Healer
Tyrande Burst-Healer
Tassadar Secondary Healer
Alexstrasza Burst-Healer

Assassin edit

Assassins are your main damage dealers, either by burst or by sustained damage, they thrive in battles but lack resilience.[5]

Assassin Sub-Role
Mephisto Sustain Carry
Fenix Sustain Carry
Maiev Burst Carry
Hanzo Sustain Carry
Junkrat Sustain Carry
Kel'thuzad Mage
Malthael Sustain Carry
Genji Burst Carry
Cassia Burst Carry
Valeera Sustain Carry
Zul'jin Sustain Carry
Ragnaros Sustain Carry
Varian Multiclass
Samuro Sustain Carry
Alarak Burst Carry
Gul'dan Mage
Chromie Mage
Tracer Sustain Carry
Li-Ming Mage
Greymane Sustain Carry
Lunara Sustain Carry
Gall Mage
Butcher Sustain Carry
Kael'thas Mage
Thrall Sustain Carry
Jaina Mage
Tychus Sustain Carry
Zeratul Burst Carry
Illidan Sustain Carry
Raynor Sustain Carry
Kerrigan Burst Carry
Valla Sustain Carry
Nova Burst Carry
Falstad Sustain Carry

Specialist edit

The most unique out of all the heroes, they can lock lanes down on their own, quickly return to fights if defeated or even stop structures from attacking, their unique abilities often synergize well with the other roles to devastating effects.[5]

Specialist Sub-Role
Probius Area Denial/Pusher
Medivh Sub-Support
Xul Pusher
Sylvanas Pusher
Lost Vikings Pusher
Azmodan Pusher/Brawler
Zagara Pusher
Murky Pusher/Brawler
Sgt. Hammer Area Denial/Pusher
Nazeebo Pusher/Brawler
Abathur Pusher/Sub-Support
Gazlowe Area Denial/Pusher

Battlegrounds edit

Battlegrounds are the maps or battlefields that heroes do battle in. Each battleground has a different layout and unique features that set it apart from the others. Each one houses special objectives that can give your team massive advantages.[6]

Battleground Special Objective Type Lanes
Alterac Pass Capture Point 3-lane
Garden of Terror Collection 3-lane
Hanamura Temple King of the Hill 2-lane
Volskaya Capture Point 3-lane
Towers of Doom Capture Points 3-lane
Shrines Capture Point 3-lane
Battlefield of Eternity Boss Race 2-lane
Tomb of the Spider Queen Collection 3-lane
Sky Temple Capture Point 3-lane
Blackheart's Bay Collection 3-lane
Dragon Shire Capture Points 3-lane
Cursed Hollow Capture Points 3-lane
Braxis Holdout Capture Points 2-lane
Warhead Junction Collection 3-lane
Haunted Mines Collection 2-lane

Lanes edit

Each battleground features between 2 to 3 lanes which connect two bases. These lanes serve as conduit where minions progress and where forts are placed. Maintaining control of lanes and dividing attention between them is key to the strategy of Heroes of the Storm.[7]

Structures edit

Structures are fortified positions placed along the lanes of a battleground. Each team has one or more forts in each lane, with one being their main base, the core. Each fort contains towers, castles, healing wells, and gates which prevent enemies from marching through them. Forts represent the main form of progression in a match, with the destruction of these forts serving to remove enemy defenses allowing for access to an enemy core and the end of the game.[8]

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