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Amazon Echo edit

Amazon Echo.

Introduction: edit

Amazon Echo is a smart home product, that is hands free and controlled by saying “Alexa.” There are two colors the Echo is available in black or white. The Amazon Echo is 9.3 inches tall, 3.3 inches wide and weighs 37.5 oz. The device is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. It comes with a 2.5-inch bass speaker and a 2.0-inch high note speaker. Also included with the Amazon Echo would be the 6-ft. power adaptor and an instruction guide.

Features: edit

Like how Siri works you say a command or ask a question and the device will deliver the request. The device can talk back to you, play music, put reminders, turn off lights, put a movie on T.V., get local news, weather and other informational request. Allowing the Echo device to give all this information there are a lot of third parties involved. There is also a third party called the Alexa app that goes with the Echo device, that gives off helpful, funny, and important information. Such as Uber, Pandora, 7-minute workouts, Domino’s pizza, Capitol one bank, stocks and many other applications.

Set Up: edit

The first part of the set-up is to download the Alexa app. It is free to download with iOS and Android services. Once you open the Alexa app you need to sign into your Amazon account. So, you can activate the device you want to work. There are multiple devices to choose from such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, and Echo Show. After you have chosen the right device, picking a language is the next step. Next, plug in your brand-new Echo and an orange ring light at the top of the device should light up, if the orange ring light does not show, press the single dot at the top of the device and hold it for five seconds. This action button should put Alexa in setup mode and you may continue. If you downloaded the Alexa app on your phone or pc you now need to connect the app to same Wi-Fi network that the Echo device is on which is called “Amazon-2Q3,” the last three digits will always be different. You should see a list of all your home Wi-Fi networks that are available connect to yours. Once you are connected Alexa will let you know that the Echo is ready and the orange light will turn off. The final setup part is a video that pops up on the Alexa app explaining some of the basics of the Echo device. You can also change the command from Alexa to whatever you desire. Your Echo is now setup and ready for use.

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