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An acoustics model shows sound reflecting from an acoustic diffuser. Credit: Trevor Cox.

This is the home page for the Physics Department of the school of physics and astronomy. The department organizes and develops Physics content on Wikiversity.

If you are knowledgeable in any area of physics, feel free to improve upon what you see, we would greatly appreciate your contributions.


The learning resources and divisions are grouped by level of difficulty, and each one roughly corresponds to an academic year at degree level. Normally you should not study a subject at a higher level until you have completed, or are at least familiar, with the previous level.

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Since the time of Newton, mathematics has played a major role in physics. Some of the mathematical techniques are objects of study in their own right. These can be found in the mathematics resources template below.


The subpage hosts essays and explorations. Some of these may represent nonstandard physics.

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  • Physics - Physics in simple English.

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Sub-departments along with courses, activities, articles, lectures and quizzes can be found under External links in the Physics resources template labeled Topics.

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