Nonstandard physics

The purpose and intent of this field of study edit

The field of physics is a broad and sometimes controversial topic. Through the course of diligent research and the scientific method, new ideas have come and gone, leading to the acceptance of certain fields of study and cosmological frameworks. It also has led to the rejection of many more.

This is not to say that there are no new or diverging opinions or theories. Many of these theories have but few supporters or do not possess an accepted means to receive peer review and undergo the scientific process. In this category are a list of hypothesis, papers, research projects, and controversial observations which in some way go against the orthodox understanding of the physical world.

As such, students and scientists are encouraged to read these ideas with a discerning mind and an eye towards the key terms of observation, reason, falsifiable claims, and evidence. Do these claims follow the scientific method?

In the talk pages of these articles, the reader is encouraged to add substantive discussions, rebuttals, or even flat out debunking of the ideas presented. This is the best means to ensure the upholding of scientific principles.

Some of these articles claim to be full blown theories, yet it is suggested that the reader view them as hypotheses that are still under the purview of serious scrutiny by the discerning reader to find logical inconsistencies or opposition to established research. Then where it is appropriate, for the reader to add into the talk pages serious reasoned comments about the subject matter being discussed.

A good rule of thumb to observe is: "Only by keeping an open mind can the truth be reached, but don't keep such an open mind as to where your brains fall out."

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