This page hosts (as subpages) essays and explorations which may represent nonstandard physics. Generally, the right of an essay author to manage the essay page should be respected, but any user may act to make sure that what is not generally accepted is not presented as if it were. The classification of any idea or essay as "nonstandard" does not mean that it is wrong.

Wikiversitans are encouraged to engage authors in discussion, generally on the attached Discussion page.

These essays may be developed in to mainspace content, or moved to subpages of relevant topics. The subpages here may include anonymous or other essays "adopted" by the named user, who may be considered responsible for them in some way. The adoption, usually shown by substantial editing of the page, is evidence of potential educational value. Abandoned essays may eventually be deleted if nobody recognizes the value.

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  • Guy vandegrift (aka A)
  • Anonymous - These essays, if not adopted by a registered user, might eventually be deleted for lack of a responsible participant. They may also be moved to a subpage of an appropriate resource, again, by a responsible user.
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