Physics and Astronomy Labs

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Optics: Human eye model (Pasco)

Labs performed at WSU-Lake edit

  1. Sound speed and the relativity of rhythm
  2. ♠/Slide whistles and harmony
  3. Uniform acceleration tapping basketball with spitwads
  4. Air drag coefficient on a rolling ping-pong ball
  5. The most beautiful equation in mathematics (related to above)
  6. Static forces
  7. Force table
  8. Vernier force probe
  9. Vernier scale
  10. Angular size
  11. Beads on string drop
  12. Parallax Need Jill's photos showing error and 13s photo of reenactment. Nothing there except post placement for jill's photos.
  13. Heisenberg's uncertainty and Beethoven's fugue
  14. Video showing how a shop vac can demonstrate the Bernoulli force
  15. The Leyden jar and the Van de Graff generator
  16. Optics: Thin lens equation (ray diagram)
  18. Graphical integration of uniform acceleration
  19. Celestial sphere (under construction)
  20. MATLAB/Cookbook Many of our labs should be virtual.
  21. Bell's theorem/Introduction#Lab activity Uses concept of vectors to explain how a third polarizing filter can enhance the light that passes through a pair of filters that block the light.
  22. Gases and gas laws/Boyle's law lab
  23. w:Lénárt_sphere see images at w:Lénárt_sphere#Related_products and talk page

Lab Quizzes edit

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  • March 18,2015: phy1060 (under construction)
  • March 18,2015: phy1120 Covers the concept of current, voltage, energy, and force in the analog between electric and gravitational fields. This quiz is inspired by the Van der Graff generator demonstration.

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Other optics projects edit

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how to use the flip camera and other information on campus video cameras

We need to know the speed capability of videos. Since this is a purely educational project, we don't need research grade speed costing thousands of dollars. Instead we need something for about a hundred dollars.

  • We have a w:flip cameraultra that does 60 fps
  • The tech guy found a 98$ thing that does 120, 60, 30 fps.
  • Rod Cross's slinky video at 300 fps.

How to use the flip:

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