Quantum Chromodynamics

colors or the quantum states of quarks in hadrons must blend to make white (ex. the primary colors blended together)

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Quantum chromodynamics: Quantum chromodynamics is the theory that the quarks in a hadron has quantum states known as colors (ex. blue red yellow...) and that in order for a hadron to exist, the quarks colors must "blend" into white (ex. so like in a proton, there are 2 up quarks and 1 down quark, their quantum states (colors) could be: blue, yellow and green to make white (I think)). The quantum state or colors can change due to the gluon that interacts with them in the hadron, the gluon's interactions is what holds the quarks together also known as the strong force Hadrons are not the only particles that utilize quantum chromodynamics, particles known as pions also utilize it, pions are particles that are only comprised of 2 quarks, the quarks are in opposite charges, but the color or quantum state of the quarks in the pions also blends to become 'white' (ex. cyan + red = white). The pions are like carriers of the quarks they exist for short periods of time and 'carry' the quarks around.

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