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Narrative music created by Mad Max's students. edit

  • Upload your musical example and create a link here. If you are proud of your work, tell us a little about your goals in film scoring.

Fear edit

  • Example of Fear by Robert Elliott. Here is a screen shot of how I created this sound file. Note how I adjusted the volume to shape the sound.

My musical sound effect for fear is stored at Media:Sound Of Fear.ogg. If you have MPlayer, you can download and listen to it. see the volume envelope (in green) in the picture above.

Making musical sound effects is both simple and easy. Can you do better? Robert Elliott 04:22, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

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Your musical sound effect for "Fear" goes here! edit

Film scoring lessons edit

Below are Mad Max's Music Lessons. To the right are general filmmaking lessons.

Supplemental A: Examples of Narrative Music Supplemental B: A fun movie which needs a film score

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