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Tell me! How would you score this movie?

The movie poster prop for the movie
"Seduced by the Dark Side!"

A movie that needs music edit

On the right is the storyboard for a tiny motion picture. This movie needs music. Look at it and tell me what music is needed. Email me with your answer.

What do you think? edit

(#1) A smiling face music
When the movie starts, we see the face of a young person. As the camera moves closer, the young person smiles. What should the audience feel? Tell me!

(#2) The Star Wars poster music
Then we see what the young person is watching. It is a poster for the movie, Star Wars. What should the audience feel? What kind of music will create that mood? Tell me!

(#3) Older person thinking music
When the older person is thinking, what kind of music should there be? Tell me!

(#4) The Macintosh music
When the young person eagerly says, "Macintosh", what music should there be? Tell me!

(#5) Young person thinking music
When the young person is thinking, what music should play? Tell me!

(#6) The Macintosh music
When the young person exclaims, "Seduced by the dark side!", what music should there be? How should the audience feel? Tell me!

(#7) Older person smiles music
When the older person smiles, should we still hear the music from before or should there be new music? Tell me!

(#8) Walking home music
What music should we hear when the younger person and the older person walk home together? Tell me!

Highly Recommended
The images in this storyboard to the right were created quickly and easily using the free demo version of FrameForge 3D Studio. This is a wonderful program that all filmmakers should immediately download. Your instructor highly recommends this program.
Free Demo Version
When you requrest to download the demo version, just for the fun of it, list your middle name as "WikiU". Robert Elliott 16:09, 7 December 2006 (UTC)
The storyboard for
"Seduced by the Dark Side!"

EXTERIOR - The local movie theater - NIGHT

(1) The Young Person and Old Person stand looking at the movie poster outside the theater.

Slowly dolly in.

A smile begins to form on the young person's face.

Cut to the poster and dolly in slowly.

(2) Young Person: "That was a great movie..."

Cut to a side view.

(3) Young Person (contined): "but I do not understand one thing."

The young person's head turns to the older person.

(4) Old Person: "What's that?"

Wide angle shot to show emotional distance between the two characters.

(5) Young Person: "How can anyone be seduced by the Dark Side?"

(6) The old person thinks for a while. Old Person: "Humm!"

Thinking very slowly.

(7a) Old Person: "What computer do you..."

(7b) Old Person(off camera): "... have at home?"

Cut in mid sentence to see the young person's anticipation.

(8) Young Person (eagerly): "A Macintosh!"

The young person's face lights up with excitement.

(9) Old Person: "But what computer does your father use at work?"

(10) The young person thinks for a moment. Young Person: "Humm!"

(11) Young Person (amazed and excited): "Seduced by the Dark Side!"

(12) The Old Person smiles. Old Person: "Ahh!"

The face lights with a knowing smile.

(13) Old Person and the Young Person walk toward home together.

Lock the camera for a matte painting.

The camera remains locked. When the matte painting is added, the shot will look like a scene out of Star Wars at Port Isley.

(14) Fade to Black.

The End

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Now you begin learing and practicing the three basic methods of creating film scores for filmmakers who are not musicians.

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