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This course in music and filmmaking is:
Film scoring introduction for filmmakers
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Introduction - The basic theory of film scoring
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Summary: Basic theory of film scoring for filmmakers
Page 1: What are the different kinds of music?
Page 2: Film score example "George Lucas in Love"

A really fun example of a movie with a narrative film score

A movie with narrative music

Look at this wonderful example. It has terrific music which narrates the story.
In the pop quiz which follows, you are asked to plan the narrative music for a student film.
These two movies are surprisingly similar. Both movie require music to explain the characters and to explain te actions in the movie. Think about what you have learned about narrative music as you watch these two movies.

George Lucas In Love

A satire on both Star Wars and Shakespeare in Love.

Read about this famous movie at Wikipedia.

The short movie called George Lucas In Love

This is a fun movie. You will really enjoy watching this movie. (If not, you are in the wrong class!)

Click HERE to download this short movie from Google and take a look. (On a dial up connection, this takes about two hours.)

Music narrates the story

As you can see, it is the music which tells the story. All of the mood for this movie comes from the music. Amazing

The music of George Lucas In Love

Watch the movie and listen to the music. Almost all of the music narrates the story therefore, this music is narrative music.
  • Typing music (Traveling music)
This music introduces the movie, not just the fact that George Lucas is busy typing but the fact that this movie will be entertaining. This is like the opening paragraph of a book. It grabs the imagination of the audience and draws them into the story.

  • Arron's Introduction (Darth Vader)
In just five seconds, everyone knows clearly who Arron is and what the audience should feel about Arron. This music gives Arron the audience's full attention.

  • Arron's Script
In three seconds, we learn that Arron's script is powerful, almost magical.

  • Background music for Chibaka and Hal.
The music for the night club and the Dark Side

  • No Music - Professor
There is no music for the professor.
Notice how awkward the silence is after all that great music. That is the mood that is needed. Silence created it.

  • Mariam's Love Theme
The love theme starts when Miriam says, "Your George Lucas, right?". The music tells us all about Miriam in just a few short seconds.

  • Good Advise Music - "Write what you know."
Note that this music is turned down when Miriam says, "Just like bulls-eyeing Warmrats". Narrative music and dialog do not mix.

  • "You are my inspiration."
This is background music since it plays whey they are talking and the music does not interfere with the dialog.

  • Credits
This music says that the movie had a message and that you have just learned that message.
Note that the credit music is turned down for the dialog about Howard the Duck.

The next page

You have just seen how music makes a movie great. Now look at a movie which still needs music.

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