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The subject of "filmmaking" is more than creating a motion picture or television drama. Narrative filmmaking is the most efficient way to communicate ideas.
Everyone is fascinated by motion pictures. Therefore, use motion pictures to communicate your ideas.
Through these courses, you learn the technology of filmmaking so you will understand how to convey more information in a shorter amount of time.

Free lessons

The lessons in this course are free. Most of the lessons in these courses use FREE software. Therefore, you can learn all about filmmaking at home for free.
Contact your instructor
  • Send me an email directly to r_elliott -at-
  • You can leave a message on my discussion page however email is usually faster.
How to upload your assignment
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  • If you know how, you can upload your assignments yourself.
  • Or you can send me an email directly to r_elliott -at- and attach the assignment to the email.
Film scoring course information
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Why I teach the film scoring course

My background is in filmmaking and film editing (as well as civil engineering, computer science, and printing technology with minors in accounting and enology.)
I do not have a musical background. But I have been forced to learn.
When I needed music for a dramatic movie, I naturally searched out the most talent musicians I could find.
Over the last 20 years, I discovered two things about musicians:
1. Good news: Musicians are extremely gifted. They are a thousand time better at creating music than I am.
2. Bad news: Musicians do not understand film scoring. This is because schools don't teach practical film scoring for musicians. Therefore, I can never use their music... no matter how wonderful it is.
So when I could not find a musician who understands the purpose of film scoring, my next step was to learn to do film scoring myself. My music still sounds dreadful but now I know what is needed.
I also learned that filmmakers and film editors are unable to communicate what they need. Therefore, musicians cannot rely on filmmakers and film editors to help them plan the score. It is a mess!

This course

That is why I now offer a very simple course film scoring course for free. I want to explain to musicians what filmmakers like me need from them.
I promise to make the film scoring for musicians lessons as quick and as painless as possible.

Film editing course information
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Why I teach the film editing course

I am developing a new product on spec for a large computer located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
In this course, you get to work on actual television dramas. There is no better way to learn film editing.
Most of the scenes require a musical score. That is one reason I offer the film scoring course.

I like to talk about filmmaking education
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If you are interested in a career in filmmaking, contact me and I will help you get started learning the skills you will need to become a filmmaker. Click Here

Robert Elliott January 2007.