Film Scoring/Marketing to distributors

Creating a marketing campaign to attract distributors


We are making an animated version of our movie in 2007 and a live action version in 2008.

One of the major decisions is deciding what actors are needed to make our project marketable. My initial reaction is to hire:

  • Sue Scott of Prairie Home Companion for the voice in the animated movie
The best voice over person in the USA is Sue Scott. And with her recent fame in the motion picture of Prairie Home Companion, Sue Scott is the ideal person for our movie.
We have begun negotiations with the agent for Sue Scott. This discussion will be posted on the Sue Scott page.
  • Erin Brockivich for the live action motion picture.
The ideal actress for the very wise person (aka Old Person) is Julia Roberts. With Julia Roberts attached to our movie, we should not have any problem getting a distributor.
The problem with Julia Roberts is she is SAG which means our production would have to be SAG and SAG will not allow us to create an editing workshop of our film dailies. This greatly limits us to non-SAG actors.
Therefore, we need someone famous and Erin Brockovich is the ideal person to stand in for Julia Roberts.
The only problem is I don't know how to contact Erin Brockovich. Any ideas?

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